Mar 072018

With the recent cold blast the Fieldfares have decided they like the menu on offer in my garden to the point where they have taken over.

The resident Blackbird and Song Thrush are chased off as the Fieldfare defends his new short term territory whilst he ignores all the other birds.



Smart bird!

The male Blackcap has also been putting in a regular shift feeding on the apples.


Light was poor today and due to work I missed the shots I wanted of the Fieldfares in the snow but still nice to see them visit the garden today.


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Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Essex Birder using the blog as a diary of my trips around the country chasing birds. Enjoying the places it takes me and the people I meet along the way. Great to spend time with my Dad and brother as we chase our year lists and grow our life list in the process.

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