And He’s Off

The Fieldfare popped in this morning for one more breakfast before taking to the skies allowing the resident Blackbirds and Song Thrush back in the garden to feed. The wintering male Blackcap was joined briefly by another male and female but like the Fieldfare he defended his garden well and they quickly left without as […]

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Fieldfare drops in

With the recent cold blast the Fieldfares have decided they like the menu on offer in my garden to the point where they have taken over. The resident Blackbird and Song Thrush are chased off as the Fieldfare defends his new short term territory whilst he ignores all the other birds. The male Blackcap has […]

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Suffolk Warblers

We parked up at Lakenheath this morning at 6am and took the long walk out to Joist Fen. On arrival there was another guy listening and looking for DB’S Marsh Warbler which we heard as we approached and saw straight away sitting up belting out it’s full repertoire which seemed to include a little Nightingale […]

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The Song Thrush

Turdus philomelos Passeriformes – Turdidae From the same family as the Blackbird its flutters in the same way. Its diet: worms, insects and their larvae, snails, berries and small fruits. The northern populations in Europe migrate southward but in France it is sedentary. This species is not endangered but it is unfortunately still hunted. This […]

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