Hunters Killed Belgium’s Only Wild Wolf in Over a Century

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Conservation groups announced that hunters have shot Belgium’s first wild in over a century. Naya, the in question, has been missing since May. She was first spotted in January 2018 and environmental groups now fear she was shot by a hunter.

August, her male companion, has been showing signs of her departure. He is acting like a lone wolf, hunting less and walking aimlessly, according to Jan Loos of Welcome Wolf. There are 60 wildlife cameras set up close to the Dutch border of Belgium in Limburg. The cameras caught Naya in May. She was pregnant at the time.

Lead Image Source : Eva Blue on Unsplash

Spokesperson from the Natuurhulpcentrum animal shelter Sil Janssen said of the missing she-wolf, “I am 100 percent sure that Naya was shot. It is the only plausible explanation.

Hunters have free rein in the area. They may hunt wild boars there, but if they suddenly have a wolf in front of them, they will not hesitate.” If Naya was shot, it would be the first wolf killed by hunters since 1897.

Conservation groups maintain she was shot. Their rationale includes the facts that don’t die in childbirth, don’t move from territory after giving birth and if she was hit by a vehicle, a body would have been found.

Flemish hunting association Hubertus Vereniging Vlaanderen asked for evidence of the shooting from Mr. Janssen. Belgium’s Nature and Forest agency is investigating her disappearance. No body has been found. The agency will meet with involved parties next week to discuss.

Wolves were removed from Western Europe in the early 1900s because of hunting, expanding cities and industrialization. Now they are coming back and are being closely monitored by environmental groups.

To understand more about hunting and why it’s so bad for animals, please read 5 Reasons is not Conservation and The Unnamed Victims of Poaching and .

You can also speak up by signing this petition to ban arranged trophy hunts.

This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 10 October 2019.


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Phil Laycheo

They have good waffles though

Lily Harper

Bastard sadists. I used to like Belgium. I’m
Rethinking it

Kelly McCaleb

wrong & sad 🙁

Cameron McElroy


Carole Knowlea


Judy Wilmarth

Pathetic ass holes .. s

Wendy Coram

Shez Hudson you are right that their lives are precious. They are God’s given animals
The cream of the world. No one has the right to shoot them. It is barbarically cruel. Humans are the reason many animals are becoming extinct. Through getting kicks through killing animals. These people are very sick and need lethal injections!!!!!!!

Phil Laycheo

God approves of meat eating

Lim Kooi Choong


Di Sianny Bryant


Sara Leonard

Of course they did. As soon as it was made public that wolf never stood a chance. Name and shame!


It is the hunters who should be shot, not the wildlife!

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Hunters are the scum of the earth

Carla Kalaaji

Hope that wolves hunt them back for their right of freedom and living. No being is selfish and torturing but human

Sara Juttla

these bloody hunters will never stop until there is no wildlife to kill, they do not give a shit about animals only to sate their blood lust

Shez Hudson

WTF..are they Morons. .It SHOULD’VE been a cause of celebration. .I’m sick and tired that Humans think they are superior and the EARTH ..belongs to us..It DOES NOT! WE are merely her guardians. .ALL life should be precious. .there is ONLY one mother after all ..

Doris Charles

They could have Got to close to livestock maybe Ken

Sara Leonard

Doris Charles really? Like that’s an acceptable excuse to kill the only wolf that’s been seen in the country in over a century? Seriously?

Doris Charles

Yes Sara, if farmers could shoot dogs running amongst livestock, so be it a wolf which is a predator.

Arlene Steinberg
Arlene Steinberg

Doris – You REALLY need to educate yourself about other methods of protection that can be used and the real fact that predators like wolves are IMPORTANT and NECESSARY in the wild. More importantly, these farmers need to be educated about this. Killing off wolves is NOT the answer.

Cynthia A Thompson

Doris Charles if only you had half a brain.

Doris Charles

Cynthia A Thompson don’ t be stupid be realistic womom it can happen

Cynthia A Thompson

Doris Charles my guess is you know next to nothing about wildlife or its place on this planet but are willing to defend ranchers who ruin the habitat in so many ways, only one of which is w too many cattle.

Doris Charles

Cynthia A Thompson you are talking wet i have been a member of Africam and Wildeath tv from 2000 i know whats what so do not give me that about wildlife.