Man Films Hungry Squirrels Doing Gymnastics For Snacks

Man Films Hungry Squirrels Doing Gymnastics For Snacks

Squirrels are silly little creatures. Their movements are a mix of erratic acrobatics. Nonetheless, they’re still quite cute.

I find that watching squirrels go about their business can be quite therapeutic in a way. There’s a park by where I live, and it has tons of squirrels in it.

I will often see them on my walks in the early morning as they scamper across the grass before scurrying up into the trees. They’re quite good at climbing and are naturals as they hop from tree branch to tree branch.

Filming squirrels in action can be quite tricky sometimes. They are fast little things, and capturing them on camera sometimes comes out a little blurry.

It takes a bit of patience. For one 53 year old living in Bispgården, Sweden, patience was the key to getting some successful footage of some rather limber little squirrels.

Geert Weggen created a quaint little feeding set up for some local squirrels coming to his home. There are strategically placed buckets full of nuts that entice the squirrels to come around. And they did just that.

Using their acrobatic skills, which were nothing short of impressive, Weggen managed to film them balancing between flower stems!

One of the squirrels actually managed to keep itself steady with its back feet clutched around two flower stems while it reached up to grab a nut from the bucket. That is definitely one we won’t be forgetting soon!

What do you think of Weggen’s squirrels? Have you seen anything similar? Let us know!

This article by Anastasia Arellano was first published by The Animal Rescue Site. Lead Image: PHOTO: YOUTUBE/CATERS CLIPS.

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