Miami Seaquarium is Getting Evicted, but Where Will the Animals Go?

Miami Seaquarium is Getting Evicted, but Where Will the Animals Go?

As the closure of the Miami Seaquarium draws near, questions surrounding the future of its inhabitants remain unanswered. CBS News Miami recently reached out to the Miami-Dade County Mayor’s Office and the Miami Seaquarium regarding the fate of the animals post-closure but received no definitive answers.

Source: USA TODAY/YouTube

This uncertainty comes after years of documented animal care violations and abuse by the U.S. Department of Agriculture at the Miami Seaquarium, raising concerns among local experts and activists. Marine biologist and researcher, Spencer Roberts, voiced his apprehensions, expressing fears of history repeating itself if another aquarium were to take over the facility.

Roberts advocates for a shift away from the animal park model towards establishing an animal sanctuary or rehabilitation center. He emphasizes the importance of partnering with organizations like the Rosenstiel School, which already engages in similar work.

The looming closure deadline of April 21st adds urgency to the situation. Roberts, along with other concerned individuals like Dr. Crystal Heath, co-founder of Our Honor, worries that without a comprehensive animal care plan in place, some animals may face euthanasia instead of being transferred to better facilities.

Dr. Heath’s recent visit to the Miami Seaquarium revealed alarming conditions, with animals housed in substandard environments. Reports of neglected dolphins, fish surrounded by turbid water, and peeling paint with black mold in penguin housing underscore the urgency for action.

Under Florida law, neglected or mistreated animals can be removed from their present custody, prompting calls for intervention from local authorities. Dr. Heath highlights the readiness of zoo veterinarians to provide care and Support for these animals if given the opportunity. In response, a spokesperson for the mayor’s office acknowledges the need for contingency plans, indicating that preparations are underway based on unfolding developments in the coming weeks.

As the countdown to closure continues, the spotlight remains on Miami-Dade County officials to ensure the welfare of the animals at the Miami Seaquarium. The community’s eyes are on them to uphold their duty to protect these vulnerable creatures.

This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 13 March 2024. Image Credit : Kamira/Shutterstock.

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