Monster Snake on Roof of House After Escaping Dubbed ‘Stuff of Nightmares’

Monster Snake on Roof of House After Escaping Dubbed ‘Stuff of Nightmares’

An enormous snake was found slithering across the roof of the Wisconsin house where it was kept as a pet, creating such a scare on Wednesday that deputies were called.

The Barron County Sheriff’s Department shared pictures of the reptile on its Facebook page, showing just how large the reptile was in comparison to one of the deputies.

“The other night deputies were requested to a residence in Chetek for a report of a giant snake that had escaped its residence and was out on the roof. We think the description of giant was an undersell…” the post read. “#stuffofnightmares #thatnoperopebelongsinthejungle #runrunaway.”

The species of snake wasn’t confirmed by the sheriff’s department, but in the comments, some Facebook users posted what they thought it could be. “That’s a beautiful hypo Colombian boa constrictor!!” one wrote. “He/she is a big and beautiful Red Tail Boa,” another commented.

Red-tail boas, or boa constrictors, are large snakes native to Central and South America and can grow to lengths of up to 13 feet, but are rarely found larger than 8 feet.

These snakes are non-venomous, killing their prey via constriction: the snake winds its long muscular body around the prey, cutting off its blood circulation to the heart and brain, quickly leading to death. Boas can exert between 6 to 12 pounds of pressure per square inch. The snake can then unhinge its jaws, swallowing prey as large as alligators whole.

These snakes are often kept as pets, and can live between 20 and 30 years in captivity. They are relatively undemanding as snakes go, requiring only adequate space for their large bodies, as well as appropriate heat and humidity levels.

Although this species is non-venomous, it can kill humans: one 27-year-old man in Pennsylvania was strangled to death by his 18-foot pet boa only last year.

This Wisconsin escapee was eventually returned from the roof to its place in the house by the deputies.

“Upon arrival, deputies were able to utilize some tools and retrieve the giant nope rope [slang for ‘snake’] and secure it,” they wrote in the post. “We won’t judge people’s choice of pets BUT…. we’re pretty sure most people live in NW Wisconsin to avoid these jungle monsters. Great job guys going above and beyond to help keep this non-native Severus Snake from roaming the streets.”

In the comments, Facebook users expressed their surprise at the find. “Awwww poor thing! Thanks for helping, that’s a beautiful snake!” one wrote. “Well done! Glad you were able to return this beautiful creature to it’s family,” another commented.

This article by Jess Thomson was first published by The Sacramento Bee on 22 June 2023. Lead Image: Barron County Sheriff’s Department: Image of the snake on the roof of a house in Wisconsin.

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