Petition: Brutal Footage Released of Training Practices Used to Break the Spirits of Baby Elephants to Entertain Tourists

Petition: Brutal Footage Released of Training Practices Used to Break the Spirits of Baby Elephants to Entertain Tourists

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World Animal Protection released footage of an elephant training process called “the crush.” In this method, are exploited to make them submissive to tourists.

Baby and adult are used in entertainment around the world, including giving rides to tourists or performing tricks.

“The Crush” is designed to break animals spirits, and according to World Animal Protection, uses cruel techniques including:

  • “forceable separation from their mothers which would not happen in the wild.
  • the use of a bullhook – a metal tool used to jab sensitive areas often resulting in open wounds.
  • chains to restrain them in an uncomfortable narrow standing area – the crush – for days on end.
  • frequent exposure to stressful situations”.

World Animal Protection’s Audrey Mealia, global head of wildlife said of the treatment, “We are at a turning point when it comes to our relationship with wild animals.

The industry has come to a halt in the wake of but it will re-build – this is the ideal opportunity to build a better future.

We are calling on the tourism industry to revise their wildlife policies and stop offering exploitative experiences to their customers. Right now, elephants are not being used for riding, bathing, or shows. We’d like to keep it this way.”

The places Asian Elephants as ” endangered” and “severely fragmented.” Estimated population stands between 2,500 and 4,000.

Watch the horrible video, below:

Sign this petition to shut down elephant tourism!

This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 25 June 2020. Lead Image Source : Image Source: Viiviien /

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194 742 SUPPORTERS200 000 OBJECTIF Kim Kardashian a récemment visité ce qu’elle a appelé un “sanctuaire d’éléphants” à Bali et a publié à ce sujet sur son Instagram pour ses 1,37 million d’adeptes à voir. Le problème est: où qu’elle soit, ce n’était absolument pas un sanctuaire , en fait, c’était un parc d’éléphants en captivité appelé Mason Adventures, l’un des centaines de centres de violence où les éléphants sont battus pour se comporter de certaines manières pour les touristes comme elle. C’est pourquoi nous demandons à Kim de s’excuser d’avoir soutenu et promu cette horrible pratique. La principale raison… Read more »

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