Petition: Stop Killing Animals for Botox Testing

Petition: Stop Killing Animals for Botox Testing

Although botox is sometimes used to treat medical conditions in a limited way, it’s mostly used for altering physical appearance. Therefore, it’s mostly a cosmetic procedure. One which hundreds of thousands of animals are killed for.

At the end of 2018, Cruelty Free International scientists“revealed that a shocking 400,000 animals a year suffer and die in controversial botox poisoning tests.” A study from 2019 found that botox toxin testing on animals is still a big issue.

Despite the fact that it’s mostly used as a cosmetic procedure, the EU does not define it as a cosmetic one because it’s injected and not applied to the skin.

Because of this little loophole, animals are made to suffer and die.

The horrifying tests include injecting mice “with poison before slowly suffocating to death through muscle paralysis while fully conscious.”

In this advanced technological age, there are alternative testing technologies. It’s been known by a long time that animals aren’t the right analogs for human bodies.

The scientific data doesn’t translate well to humans from animals because of the simple fact that you’re referring to completely different organisms.

As The Conversation puts it, that something can be benign in one species and deadly in another “will not surprise pet owners, who know a block of chocolate can kill a dog.”

Animal testing for botox needs to be stopped. It should be included in the cosmetic testing laws. Sign this petition if you agree!

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This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 24 February 2020. Lead Image Source : Vit Kovalcik/Shutterstock

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