POLL: Should China’s shameful tiger farms be closed down?

POLL: Should China’s shameful tiger farms be closed down?

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Huddled in filthy cages and starved to the extent their fur is hanging off their jutting bones, these once majestic creatures are mercilessly being killed to decorate the homes of the elite, while their bones are ground down to make “tonic” wines.

As few as 3,500 tigers survive in the wild, yet more than 5,000 captive-bred tigers are held in sickening Chinese ‘farms’ and ‘zoos’.

Now, pictures released by environmental campaigners shame ’s failed efforts to protect these endangered creatures.

A malnourished in a cage at Xiongsen Tiger Bone Wine farm, Guilin, China
Deplorable: Refrigerated tiger carcasses in cold storage The body of a tiger is found by authorities

Investigations by the London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) have uncovered a legalised domestic trade in the sale of tiger body parts, with skins alone being worth up to £25,000.

Tigers are starved to death and then turned into wine, the report reveals

Although a 1993 State Council order in China banned the use of tiger bone for medicinal purposes, new evidence suggests a ‘secret’ Government notification on the use of the bones of captive-bred tigers is being used to justify the manufacture of ‘tonic’ wines, which can sell for as much as £130 a bottle.

More than 5,000 captive-bred tigers are held in sickening Chinese ‘farms’ and ‘zoos’.

Tiger bones are soaked in wine, but are not listed as an ingredient in the ‘tonic’, the reports states. The report accuses China of defying the will of the international community and calls upon more senior levels of the Government to take control and amend laws to facilitate the destruction of stockpiles of all tiger parts and the phasing out of tiger farms.

The body of a tiger is found by authorities

EIA also wants the Government to send a clear message to all breeders, consumers and the industry that official policy is to end all demand and trade. Debbie Banks, Head of EIA’s Tiger Campaign, said: “The stark contradiction between China’s international posture supporting efforts to save the wild tiger and its inward-facing domestic policies which stimulate demand and ultimately drive the poaching of wild tigers represents one of the biggest cons ever perpetrated in the history of tiger conservation.

China has been accused of animal cruelty yet again

“Pro-tiger trade policies are championed by only a handful of officials in a couple of Government departments and it behooves China to vigorously address and terminate this intolerable disconnect between words and deeds which so undermines international efforts to save the tiger.”

A vat of the tiger wine “tonic”

Pressure for greater protection ofrare species including tigers grew ahead the opening of the Convention on the International Trade in in Bangkok.

A David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation spokesman said: “EIA is working with us on the Tiger Time campaign to raise awareness and stop the in tigers from all sources whether wild or farmed.

We invite you to vote FOR or AGAINST the the closure of China’s Tiger Farms. Please vote and also leave your comments at the bottom of this page.

Should China's shameful tiger farms be closed down?

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The editorial content of this article was written by Charlotte Meredith for the Express.


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Cameron McElroy


Cherie Mazzenga


Linda Badham
Linda Badham

This immoral country is a disgrace to the world. Thick headed and wicked. Shut these Evil farms down !

Ann Schroeder Williams

everything CHINA touches is evil. no respect whatsoever for any species. it is all for the culture they say, what an immoral culture that is. very tragic. this country increases its power every day, it is not a good power, it is one that destroys all we value on earth.

Christine Minatelli

A SIN TO HAVE ANOTHER BEING CONFINED AND IN THAT CONDITION!! The question “…should (they) be closed down” is stupid!

Lindsey Craig

Sad. Humans can be so awful. Alas!


The abuse & cruelty done to these animals, and others – for instance, the donkeys/burros slaughtered for their SKINS – is unconscienable! Calling it “medical” or “cultural” doesnt change what it is – its SLAUGHTER!

Helen Smith

Yes without a shadow of doubt.

Tami Miller

OF COURSE, should have been a LONG time ago

Sara Leonard


Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Close this misery down now!

Karin Andersson

Nothing suprise me more about China.

Gaye Horn


Michelle taylor
Michelle taylor

Asia is the filth of the planet.These ugly slant eye animal abusers/murderers must be taught a permanent lesson involving their deaths!

Clive Terry

yes yes yes

Eva Schorer
Eva Schorer

absolutely disgusting and cruel and totally inhumane. These people should be severally punished for being so unethical and cruel.

Julie Ward

Horrific and pointless

Tammy Parnell


susan auger
susan auger

China,you are heartless barbarians.Don’t you see the suffering ? All governments for once, should do the right thing and stop all trading with China until this horror ceases for good.Never mind the b….y money it’s high time we ended the evil

susan auger
susan auger

I am sickened by China’s treatment of Tigers and all other animals ,why aren’t governments around the world stopping all trade with them ? We know why…money..it’s not good enough .China is hell on earth!

David Oswald

It really is time that the Chinese government start listening to what the world is saying and put an end to the vile animal cruelty in its country.

DoraLuz Valdes Izquierdo


Marilee Morrow

I am so disgusted by the things China does to the world's animals that whenever that I don't even allow my granddaughter to watch that Chinese answer to Dora the Explorer, I just will do whatever to boycott China!

Corinne Gordon

A backward country not realising wine is made from grapes. They are destroying the tiger race, a beautiful majestic animal.

Luigi Temporin

Es wäre langsam Zeit dass überhall die Politik etwas mehr ethische Gefühle und Gesetze aufbringt…… es ist für unsere Politiker eine PFLICHT !!!! Für die Tiere, die Umwelt und FÜR UNS !!!!

Marilyn Rose

shame on you devils!!!!!!

Tim Mead

And I thought they were intelligent.. BOY was I wrong..

Jutta Scherkowsky

Shame on you and go to hell! Soon! How is it possible to live without brains and without hearts? Guess, aliens, mutants or children of the devil are able to do such cruelty things!!

Gabriela Diaz

China is a shame. A country that seems to be educated, demonstrates that it it is not.

Alison Collier

China, it's disgraceful what you are doing to these poor defensive animals. China has the top country that are cruel to animals and it needs to be stopped.

Anne Montel


Anke Imme

Sie sollen endlich alle Tiere in Ruhe lassen. Warum muss man Tiere so behandeln. Sie machen mich krank.

Erika Schauland

oh Gott muss alles ausgerottet werden das ist nicht zum aushalten

Tony Menechella End Bsl

Too bad we can't keep some of these piece of shit, sub-human, wastes of oxygen Chinese in cages until they DIE!!!!

Caroline Thomas

yes yes close these disgusting places down

François Magne

les chinois….. vont tous sans exception… nous foutre un merdier sans nom sur cette planete , gros naz gros naz gros naz , et les djaps pareilles tous des inscontients .

Anna Legatzki

das übelste Volk was ich kenne, pfui Teufel. Die Erde soll sie fressen!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn Lockhart

and being one of the oldest civilisations doesnt make them RIGHT…in fact its part of their problem…they just havent evolved to this century, they are still in the backwoods of 4000 yrs ago , they learn nothing from us except how to use it all against us, like putting lead into kids toys ??? i mean how eveolved is that ? send us sheet rock with poison in it etc etc and we keep giving them the tools …by giving them cheap places in our universities to learn how to use all the years knowledge and trials and tribulation it… Read more »

Lynn Lockhart

and THIS is what we condone everytime we buy something chinese made, allowing them to own us all and being able to do whatsoever they want as they become the worlds financial super power….its US who have to think about how our greed is making all those BILLIONS of people become rich and our voices will be silenced by them…(.at least the small percentage of their billions of humans who run their joint.some call it an emerging capitalist country ? )…. like all countries these days its the minority who run the place and THEY simply DONT CARE what we… Read more »

Bianca Schöneberg
Bianca Schöneberg

Das kann doch wohl nicht wahr sein. Wollen die ,die gesamten Tiere auslöschen? Was sind das für Menschen

Wolf Gang
Wolf Gang

Die denken wohl ihre kleinen Schwänzchen Werden durch Potenzmittel größer … Schwachköpfe

Lesley Culpin
Lesley Culpin

just horrific

Kevyn Clifford Nyland
Kevyn Clifford Nyland

god look at that resolute beautiful being there, even in our concrete it is the proudest being in china

Mary Sayess


Bobby Hudsky

China pull ur bloody head in and start respecting and saving our earth and creatures on it for our future generations and stop the torture and despicable acts of cruelty…..

Barbara König
Barbara König

Just one word!!!! Bastards!

Dot Roberts
Dot Roberts

How is this possible in the world today!??Where is the justice?

Jayne Sunflower

the people its sad to think that tiger parts cure them, they need educating, to help them.

Alain Jonchere
Alain Jonchere


Vibeke Carlsen

China Again…. They do not deserve to be on this planet… They kill all kind of animals, and do not respect anything from mother earth.. They need to be destroyed too…