POLL: Should Mauritius be allowed to cull its bats?

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Despite widespread protests by conservation groups and citizens, will start its native Mauritius fruit (Pteropus niger) tomorrow. These bats are listed as vulnerable on the of .

According to a press statement released by Mauritius’s Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security today, culling of 18,000 bats will begin on Saturday, November 7.

The culling will be carried out from 6 PM to 6 AM in state forests — which includes national parks, nature reserves, mountain reserves, and river reserves – in collaboration with the Police Department and the Special Mobile Force.

Media reports speculate that the bats will be killed using shotguns.

Mauritian fruit bats fly long distances. Photo by Jacques de Speville.

The statement warns the public not to enter any state forest lands until further notice.“The Ministry will not be held responsible for any incident which may occur as a result of non-compliance with this communique,” the statement said.

While the Ministry did not spell out duration of the culling, conservationists speculate that it will be done over three weeks as planned by the Ministry earlier.

According to Mauritian media reports, the will be possible due to a new law that was passed recently — the Native Terrestrial Biodiversity and National Parks Bill — which allows “controlling” or culling of any species that has attained “pest” status “in the national interest”.

The Mauritian government believes that fruit bat populations on the island have increased to over 90,000, which makes them a pest. By culling 18,000 bats, the government hopes to reduce damages to mango and litchi fruits in orchards, and boost revenue for fruit farmers.

However, conservationists have called this decision “unacceptable and disgraceful”. According to experts, the bat cull is not backed by any scientific evidence.

“The implementation of a cull will very likely result in an up-listing of the species from Vulnerable to Endangered or Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List, which will damage the reputation of Mauritius as a world leader on conservation,” members of the Species Survival Commission of the IUCN said in a statement in October.

This article was first published by Mongabay.com on 06 Nov 2015.

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Iain Gibson

I voted no, but who is going to listen? All over the world just now the anti-conservationists are taking rearguard actions to weaken wildlife protection laws, and the UK is no exception, with an important case just ruling that pheasant shoots can cull Buzzards if they are causing a nuisance by preying upon poults. The required burden of evidence appears to be hearsay. In Scotland, most of Aberdeen City's Roe Deer have been culled "to cut down on road accidents," and of course "for their own good." This was sanctioned by an organisation called "Scottish Natural Heritage."

Tim Walker

With an ever expanding human population with ensueing mouths to feed, I'm afraid this sort of thing is just the start of a trend that is bound to increase with time as demand for food increases. Habitat loss and biodiversity will be the big losers. Unfortunately for the Natural World (all life forms other than mankind) they have no notion of national boundaries. Think about it!

Deborah Voves

Bats have a role to play and are necessary!

Marilyn-Brian Ashman

My God, what the hell is the matter with any authority that thinks this is right!?
Bats are excellent for the Eco Systems of which I'm sure, they know this by now, unless they've got their heads stuck in the sand !.
18,000 is taking this to extremes !.
Maybe it's time to thin out these Useless decision makers, that have nothing else more important to do in their jobs than to exterminate Helpless Wildlife, that are on this earth to survive like the rest of us !!.
Poor Little Innocent Creatures, that some refuse to live with 🙁 <3

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

the very word culling makes my skin crawl…NO NO NO