POLL: Should there be a worldwide ban on fur farming?

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We don’t typically get to follow the lives of individual animals who are killed for their coats. Now, a short film is offering us a harrowing glimpse into the short and tragic lives of three fox siblings who were born, raised and killed on a fur farm.

The film, Fur: A Lifetime, which was just released by Animal Defenders International (ADI), was taken by hidden cameras placed on a fur farm in Poland – the fourth largest fox fur producer in the world. It spans the short lives and deaths of three cubs, who ADI named Borys, Eryk and Aleska.

First the tiny cubs are nurtured by their mother, as best she can given the circumstances, before she is taken away from them. As they get older, their personalities come out and they attempt to play in their tiny wire cage. Soon their coats change color, and before they’re even seven months old, terrified Borys and Eryk are dragged out of their cage by a farmer, strung up by a leg and electrocuted to death.

Fox in fur farm (The Ghosts In Our Machine – We Animals © 2012)

Aleska watches as her brothers are torn away from her and killed. She is only spared because she will be used to produce more cubs, who will be torn from her to be killed for their fur as the cycle repeats.

“Over 100 million animals die for their fur every year. Our film shows the lives of these intelligent, feeling individuals and the they suffer when treated like a product. Just because they are not like us. Playfulfox cubs Borys and Eryk grow up in a small cage and die a terrifying and painful death for vanity and trinkets. This is the real cost of fur – when you buy fur, you buy cruelty, not beauty or luxury,” said ADI’s President, Jan Creamer.

The lives of these three cubs resemble nothing of their wild counterparts. They never knew the safety of a den, or the caring parents they would have had in the wild, who would have protected them and taught them the valuable skills they would need as they explored the world before setting out on their own.

Instead, they only experienced extreme confinement on the equivalent of a factory farm, and denied everything that would have enabled them to thrive. As a result, they and others like them pay a physical and psychological toll. On this single farm, ADI found foxes with bent feet and overgrown claws from living on wire floors, self-mutilation, aggression, injuries and illnesses that were left untreated, and filthy living conditions, while other investigations have found similar issues elsewhere.

The Czech Republic currently has nine registered fur farms. These farms have repeatedly been criticized both by NGOs and experts on animal welfare.

According to ADI, over 15 million foxes are killed every year, usually to make trinkets, trims and accessories, but it can take up to 35 individuals to make a single coat. Sadly, foxes aren’t the only victims of this brutal industry. It’s estimated that over 110 million animals are killed on fur farms, every year, while more than 16 million are trapped in the wild, including , raccoon dogs, rabbits, chinchillas, coyotes, seals, otters, cats and dogs.

While the fur industry and its apologists continue to claim fur products are sustainable, eco-friendly and humane, those arguments couldn’t be further from the truth, and what few regulations and certification schemes there are do little to nothing to stop widespread suffering. While there have been major victories with nations banning , and imports, those that are still making fur are exporting products around the world.

While there are now plenty of faux options around, they still send the message that fur is trendy and open the door to other problems with mislabeling, which continues to be found to lead otherwise caring consumers to unwittingly support this industry by buying the real thing.

A mink looks out of its open cage on a farm in China. Fur farmers there face few regulations, and there are no animal welfare laws to protect the animals. Photograph by Diego Azubel, EPA/Redux

ADI added that the best ways to stop this cruel industry include pushing for legislation that bans fur farming, and imports, urging designers and retailers to stop using and selling fur, and for us to stop buying it.

“Be comfortable in your own skin, and not that of a poor defenceless animal caged and killed to provide it. Say no to fur and yes to helping these fashion victims. Please help ADI stop this brutal trade,” said actress Joanna Lumley, who is supporting ADI’s campaign to end the fur trade, along with actor Brian Blessed.

For more on how to help, check out Animal Defenders International.

This article was first published by Care2.com on 18 Sep 2017.

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Of course there should be a ban on this very cruel industry. These poor animals are abused and neglected. They aren’t fed properly. They don’t get clean water and they definitely don’t receive any veterinary care whatsoever. It is outrageous that these fur farms are legal. There is no purpose for fur. There are so many synthetics that provide warmth and fashion for those people looking for that. Be kind. Don’t wear fur because it never comes from a good place.

Absolutely there should be a worldwide ban on fur farming. The practice of raising animals purely for their fur belongs to another era, another century but not the 21st century. There should be more education about how these poor creatures are farmed; living very short lives in horrific coniditions and then killed inhumanly before they are made into a fur coat for the so called ‘beautiful’ people. The days of a fur coat being seen as a ‘status’ symbol should be long forgotten and consigned to the history books.


i went to Montauk last week and I stayed over night and by the next morning there were 4 deer run down lying on the side of the road dead what a waist there should be some wildlife management and people allowed to wear what they want the animals used for fur garments would not be in existence if it wasn’t for fur farms local cities should be doing something about saving people’s lives and let the farmers and furriers take care of wild life and animals

Hendrickson Media


Sara Leonard

Yes, of course.



Anaite Briz Eyssen


Karen Lyons Kalmenson

Fur belongs on whom it was born, not by the vain and frivolous

Kyung Ai Suh

Ban all worldwide fur farmings

Tina Van Rikxoord

Your words, my thoughts.

Tina Van Rikxoord

Hell yeah. Ditto Anne Grice. That was my first thought – We should not even have to ask that question and it is appalling and disgusting that we do.

Catherine Woods

Only lowlife scum would condone this dopes nd ugly hags like rianna and lady gagaban it now

Sylvia Meade
Sylvia Meade

Total ban, without a doubt!

Richard Whitney
Richard Whitney

The slaughter of these beautiful animals and the torture they endure before, is beyond inhuman. There is NO JUSTIFICATION FOR IT. BAN THE FUR TRADE!

Richard Whitney
Richard Whitney



“The animals would never have been alive if it was not for fur farming” – this comment was made above! So this guy thinks these animals should be grateful for fur farming??????
Anyone who wears fur in this day & age should have to take a “tour” of an actual fur farm – and see exactly how their “luxury item” comes about. Between “factory” farms & fur farms – not much difference – cruelty & abuse for the benefit of humans.

Christina Tauber

Absolutely disgusting! POC bastards!!!

Fran Mehan

We are no longer barbarians we do not need to wear the fur of animals we have the capability of creating clothing. Even faux fur that is more humane than killing innocent animals for their fur.

Kyanna Hanscom


Katey O Fiske


Claudia McNabb


Juanita Cunningham


Pan Gea


Heidi Colsoul

Yes there should be a total ban!!!

Wendy Carvelly


Angela Hewitt


Eleanor Carlton


Nancy Smith

Yes, yes, yes.

Julieann Coleman


Nadine Dheur

1000 x OUI !!!

Donna Fitzpatrick

Do you guys eat meat, though? I just ask because most factory farmed animals suffer horribly before they die. That’s where most of your meat comes from. There is no such thing as humane slaughter.

Deb Perry-Walter

I do not eat meat or wear fur or leather.

Donna Fitzpatrick

Praise the Lord…

Jane Bravin Rudner

I do not eat meat and I do not wear fur and stopped buying leather. There is no way to humanely slaughter a healthy animal that wants and deserves to live.

Deb Perry-Walter


Donna Fitzpatrick

Yes. There are way too many alternatives to fur and meat. I’ve been trying to go vegan for years. Everything is available to people who want to do the right thing for the animals, but I have found that it’s very expensive though, and getting the right amount of protein was always hard for me.

Jill Sivertsen

There is no longer the need to kill animsls for there fur to keep people warm in most countries anymore so now its done just to show your rich. Its disgusting and cruel and there is no excuse to continue with this cruel trade.

Tammie Honer


Viorica Regep


Carolina Nunes

Hell YES!

Ruth Bennett

Totally unacceptable, no animal should be treated with such disrespect and cruelty I am totally opposed to the fur trade it should be banned and anyone who breaks the ban needs punishing to the highest degree. Fur looks fab on the creatures that grow it, it looks sick on those who wear it to attmept to hide their ugliness

Albina Kolombo



Leave the fur where it belongs on the animals

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

fur belongs on whom it was born,
not by the vain and frivolous,

Di Bradshaw

Disgusting, Vile, Abhorent, Dispicible behaviour from the supposedly most intelligent species on this Planet!!!

Di Bradshaw

YES! There should be a World Wide BAN on FUR Farming – it actually shouldn’t be in the first instance …

Delbert Smith

The animals would never have been alive if it was not for fur farming.

Tina Van Rikxoord
Tina Van Rikxoord

Sure they might have been. They just would not have been born into captivity and barbarism,with an terrible and vile fate in front of them.

Dave Linnane

We need to ban trapping worldwide too….it’s an archaic, barbaric method of hunting established in the middle ages that has no place in any civilized country.

Lynn Pritchard


Danielle Doran Liberio


Sue Clifford

Duh, as far as I am concerned this animal abuse at is worse. The subhumans that buy fur are accomplices.

Debra Wilson


Carol Davey

Absolutely yes

Anne Grice

Should n’t even be a question, human dececny should have dictated this even before this despciable human race started this abhorrence notably in the cold countries! This sickening trade should go down in history as another dismal failure of this sick human race!

Beverly Wilbanks Schmidt

Yes, I’ve never believed in killing animals simply for their fur. I’ve had leather coats but at least you can eat the rest of the cow. You can’t eat foxes, minks, dogs (unless or course, you live in China), etc. To kill beautiful animals so you can wear a fur coat is just plain wrong to me.