Rare Albino Deer Captured on Video in Reddit Post

Rare Albino Deer Captured on Video in Reddit Post

A rare white-haired deer was recently spotted in the U.S. by a woman named Amy while she was out walking her dog, Chewy.

The extraordinary moment was captured in a video posted on Reddit, quickly gaining attention and amassing 17,700 upvotes since it was shared.

Amy, who chose to share only her first name, described the experience as awe-inspiring, saying, “We were both in awe of its majestic beauty.

We see a ton of deer and even feed some in our backyard, but I never imagined we would see this.” The footage shows the albino deer standing among trees, its white fur creating a striking contrast with the surroundings.

Estimates from the National Deer Association reveal that albinism in deer is an extremely rare occurrence, happening in just 1 in every 30,000 deer.

Albino deer lack the gene responsible for normal coloration, and this absence of melanin pigmentation is a result of a recessive trait inherited from the parents.

The NDA explains, “A deer can carry this rare recessive trait without being albino, but when two deer carrying the trait reproduce, there’s a chance their offspring will be albino.”

The video not only showcases the unique beauty of the albino deer but also highlights the calm demeanor of Amy’s dog, Chewy.

😍😍😍Albino deer! This has got to be once in a lifetime!
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Amy remarked that her Newfoundland dog seemed “so calm and almost starstruck” by the deer, as if recognizing its special nature. The footage captures Chewy staring back at the deer, creating a heartwarming moment between two different species.

As Amy and Chewy approached the albino deer for a closer look, the animal remained calm, gazing back at them for at least five minutes before retreating into the trees.

Amy expressed the rarity of the encounter, mentioning that some friends had rumored the deer’s occasional appearances in their town.

This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 29 December 2023. Image Credit :pixel creator/Shutterstock.

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