Read This Adorable Story of Hummingbird Rescue

Read This Adorable Story of Hummingbird Rescue

After becoming stuck in a police station overnight, a tiny hummingbird was so weak that they could no longer fly.

Since hummingbirds have extremely high metabolisms, they need to eat frequently to maintain their strength.

Unable to fly, the weak hummingbird perched themself on a desk. When the workers arrived the next morning, they discovered the weak hummingbird. Immediately, they leaped into action to save the small creature.

One police officer attempted to feed the weak bird sugar water from a straw. Another staff member contacted her daughter, Jaclyn Ritter, to come to rescue the hummingbird. After Jaclyn arrived, she rushed home with the frail bird.

Once the hummingbird had been transported to Jaclyn’s home, the duo went into the garden to look for something that the hummingbird could eat.

Hummingbirds often drink flower nectar as part of their diets. Soon, Jaclyn found some jasmine blossoms for the hummingbird. Too weak to drink on its own, she helped the creature sip from the delicate blossoms.

Eventually, the hummingbird regained enough strength to drink on it. Jaclyn placed it on the ground, within easy reach of plenty of flowers.

Eventually, the tiny bird had regained enough of its strength to fly away on its own. The hummingbird spent a while longer in Jaclyn’s garden drinking from her jasmine bush before flying away.

This article by Willow Lynn was first published by One Green Planet on 22 December 2023. Image Credit :JoshuaGoddard/Shutterstock.

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