Oahu Residents Unite to Rescue Stranded Baby Humpback Whale

Oahu Residents Unite to Rescue Stranded Baby Humpback Whale

Residents of Oahu came together to assist a stranded baby humpback whale off the Honolulu shoreline. The incident unfolded as the young whale, separated from its mother, appeared to be attempting to beach itself.

Hungry Hungry Hawaiian Newz (HHHN) was quick to respond, covering the situation live from the water. A video posted by HHHN captured the moment the whale was spotted swimming toward the Honolulu shoreline, prompting immediate action.

Lifeguards were summoned to the scene, and a clip shared by HHHN showcased their efforts to guide the baby humpback with the assistance of a jetski. The heartening footage revealed the whale swimming alongside the jetski, suggesting a remarkable connection between the rescuer and the distressed marine mammal.

Despite initial challenges, with the whale repeatedly attempting to beach itself, the community’s determination prevailed. In a subsequent video, individuals involved in the rescue were heard discussing directing the whale “toward Kaisers,” a surf break close to Ala Moana Bowls.

The culmination of these collective efforts was captured in a live broadcast by HHHN, showing the successful navigation of the baby humpback away from the shoreline. The three videos documenting the rescue mission garnered widespread attention, accumulating over 18,000 likes on social media.

This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 5 January 2024. Image Credit: Michael Smith ITWP/Shutterstock.

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