Results of the Best Photo of the Week Ended 31 Aug 2013

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We are delighted to announce the RESULTS of our most recent “Best Photo of the Week” Competition.

First Prize is awarded to Iain H. Leach for his outstanding image “Kingfisher Fishing”.

Scott F. Bechtel wins Second Prize for “Male Rufous” and Third Prize goes to Jamie MacArthur for “Target Locked – Short-eared Owl” (see images below).

Kingfisher Fishing by Iain H. Leach

Male Rufous by Scott F. Bechtel

Target Locked – Short-eared Owl – Jamie MacArthur

The voting for all entries can be seen on the link – Best Photo of the Week Competition.

Now that the results for this competition have been published:

Submit your Photo for the Next Competition

Don’t delay! Do it today.

Conditions of Entry

1) The photo must have been taken by you, and you own the copyright. 2) The photo description must include a caption and your name. 2) Entries will be limited to one original photo per person. 4) Photos of pets, captive or domesticated animals are not allowed. 5) Photos not in accordance with conditions of entry may be excluded. 6) Winning photos will also be featured on our blog’s rotating banner.


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Jacqueline Deely Photography

Wow! All three of these images are spectacular! Congrats to everyone!