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Nancy Elwood

Nancy Elwood is a Florida based professional nature and wildlife photographer. Her interest in the natural world started as a child reading and watching National Geographic. After graduating from Florida State University School of Nursing, she developed her interest in photography travelling with several National Geographic photographers to Africa, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. With them she started to hone her skills in capturing natures wonders through a camera lens. Nancy now, when not in the field, shows her work in juried art shows and runs photography workshops.


Painted Bunting Passerina ciris

The male Painted Bunting has been described as one of North Americas most colorful songbirds. The Painted Bunting has two distinct breeding populations, one found along the Atlantic Coast from North Carolina south to central Florida, and the other from Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, southward into northern Mexico. They prefer somewhat open areas with dense brush to live. Their diet consists mostly of seeds and insects.

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