Dec 062017
Serengeti raptors

Mid-September in the Serengeti is early spring. This is too early for most of the raptor migrants, so we saw mainly residents. Migrants such as Steppe Eagles had not yet arrived. The raptors in the Serengeti at this time of the year were Tawny and Bateleur Eagles, Martial Eagles, Long Crested Eagles, an array of […]

Mar 042016
Elanus caeruleus - Black-winged kite, the parade

Accipitriformes – Accipitridae With the Nikon 500 mm at arms length from the car. On the first pictures, the bird is hunting. Most of the time it positions itself back to the sun to see its prey better. At the same time, it surveys its territory for intruders such as other birds of prey and […]

Feb 212015
The Northern goshawk, Accipiter gentilis

It is the largest of the Accipiter genus; it possesses short and wide wings and a long tail well adapted to flight in the woods. The female is larger measuring between 58 and 64 cms with a wingspan of 108 to 127 cms; She is slaty-blue on the back with greyish underparts and can weigh […]

Jan 052014
Local Common buzzards

Common buzzard – Buteo buteo Accipitriformes – Accipitridae This is the first publication out of 3 on these birds of prey. Here are 2 of the local buzzards inhabiting our property in the south of France and its surroundings. They have a dark streaky uniform plumage with white feathers lengthwise on the head and neck, […]

Mar 252013
 The European sparrowhawk digesting his latest meal!

Accipiter nisus male – Accipitridae – Accipitriformes – He remained at 3 meters from me for exactly 22 minutes, calculated on the timing from the first pic to the last! Il s’est écoulé 22 minutesentre la première et la dernière photo de cet épisode où il est resté là!!Il digérait tranquillement son dernier repas… il […]

Feb 142013
European Greenfinch VS Sparrowhawk

Passeriformes – Fringillidae – For a few days I have observed, from the corner of my eye a fairly large bird flying swiftly over and around my tent and above the feeding table making the passerine birds quite nervous. Until today I hadn’t been able to see what it was, but this morning, it settled […]

Jan 152013
Common Buzzard

Buteo buteo – Accipitridae – Accipitriformes – Buse variable I am wondering if the underparts’ white patches remain the same after each moult or does the pattern change somewhat? I have realised that the converter slows down somewhat the focusing speed, but I am quite happy to have succeed to achieve a decent pic here:

Jan 032013
 Red Kite

Milvus milvus – Accipitridae – Accipitriformes One of the few winterers in our area, south of France. We have set up a feeding station for these birds since last year’s cold spell in Febuary. Indeed for 3 weeks, temperatures had plummeted to -15 and unfortunately, many species of birds were decimated. We managed to help […]

Dec 302012
European Goldfinch, males

Carduelis carduelis – Passeriformes – Fringillidae. This is the bird that started my passion for birding when I was a kid! I have hand raised a number of Goldfinches but one in particular was very special. He would go to his cage only to sleep and nibble seeds, otherwise he was always with one of […]