Mar 042016
Elanus caeruleus - Black-winged kite, the parade

Accipitriformes – Accipitridae With the Nikon 500 mm at arms length from the car. On the first pictures, the bird is hunting. Most of the time it positions itself back to the sun to see its prey better. At the same time, it surveys its territory for intruders such as other birds of prey and […]

Dec 212015
POLL: Should grouse shooting on highland estates be banned?

Highland estates could be forced to apply for licences to shoot grouse in a further crackdown by Scottish ministers on the illegal persecution of birds of prey. Aileen McLeod, the Scottish environment minister, said she had ordered a review into the stricter legal controls imposed on game estates in Europe as conservationists disclosed that at […]

Booted Eagle Hieraaetus pennatus

Booted Eagle Hieraaetus pennatus

The Booted Eagle (Hieraaetus pennatus, also classified as Aquila pennata) is a medium-sized bird of prey. It breeds in southern Europe, North Africa and across Asia. It is migratory, wintering in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Factsheet: Booted Eagle Hieraaetus pennatus (LC)  

Feb 212015
The Northern goshawk, Accipiter gentilis

It is the largest of the Accipiter genus; it possesses short and wide wings and a long tail well adapted to flight in the woods. The female is larger measuring between 58 and 64 cms with a wingspan of 108 to 127 cms; She is slaty-blue on the back with greyish underparts and can weigh […]

Jan 242015
 Video: Gamekeeper jailed in Scotland for killing bird of prey

A gamekeeper who trapped and killed birds of prey has been jailed for four months. George Mutch, 48, was sentenced at Aberdeen Sheriff Court after being convicted of laying illegal traps and killing a goshawk by hitting it with a stick. It is the first custodial sentence for the crime of persecuting raptors, or birds […]

Jan 112015
Rumble among Common buzzards !

This Common buzzard thought it had found the right spot to observe quietly its surroundings but….  Du riffifi chez les Buses variables: Elle pensait être tranquille pour observer “son” territoire mais…         …une concurrente décide de l’évincer pour prendre sa place: … a competitor wants the place: …pourtant elle est bien décidée […]

Dec 172014
Common buzzard landing

I have presented at length this species on my blog 1000 pattes-1000 tracks. We monitor it each year, especially the northern buzzards wintering in our area south of France. This specific individual lives here year round with its partner and we see them both together quite often; it looks like they hunt field mice as […]

Aug 012014
H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald – review

The arcane world of falconry is infamous for a snobbery that dates back to the medieval period, when different raptors were pegged to a hierarchical list of feudal stations. So the noble peregrine was for princes, the dainty merlin was milady’s bird, and – as we know from Barry Hines’s novel – it was just […]

May 302013
White-tailed Eagle (Haliaectus albicilla) – Danube Delta, Romania, May 2013

During this month’s group tour to The Danube Delta we we had returned to our floating ‘pnton’ or hotel which was berthed on one of the many tributaries and courses of the old Danube, relaxing with a beer on the mid-deck when this lovely adult White-tailed Eagle flew towards the boat and landed directly opposite […]

Jan 032013
 Red Kite

Milvus milvus – Accipitridae – Accipitriformes One of the few winterers in our area, south of France. We have set up a feeding station for these birds since last year’s cold spell in Febuary. Indeed for 3 weeks, temperatures had plummeted to -15 and unfortunately, many species of birds were decimated. We managed to help […]