Dec 042016
Eurasian cranes

The weather getting at last better I decided to go see if the “grandes mademoiselles” were present. They are very shy birds and migrate south to winter in Africa, Spain and the south of France. The counts were up to 5000 very recently in the Magnoac region at the Puydarrieux lake, France. The water levels […]

Mar 022015
Post Processing - A Guide for Nature Photographers by Glenn Bartley

Learn the fundamentals of the digital darkroom. Take your image editing to the next level and save yourself time in the process! The era of digital photography has brought tremendous advantages to bird and wildlife photographers. The ability to take hundreds or thousands of photos in one day allows us to continually raise the bar […]

Apr 092014
Feathers fly in Norwegian wild bird reality-TV show

They have already given us a slow train to Bergen, a six-day ferry cruise on the fjords and an eight-and-a-half hour knitting epic. Now the channel behind Norway’s marathon “Slow TV” broadcasts – billed as an antidote to the frantic data overload of the internet and twitter – has excelled itself with Piip Show, a […]

Feb 232014
Call of the Spurfowl

There are very few things that affirm to you that you are in the bush and you need to wake up to go on a game drive as pleasantly as the morning call of the Swainson’s Spurfowl. This call evokes endless memories of trips to the Kruger National Park and surrounds in me, and I’m […]

Feb 112014
Empresyonizm ve Doğa Fotoğrafi

İzlenimcilik (Empresyonizm): Türk dil kurumu empresyonizmi; doğayı, gerçekte olduğu gibi bütün ayrıntılarına bağlı kalarak değil, ondan edinilen izlenimin ölçüsüne göre anlatan, doğrudan doğruya gerçeği, nesneyi değil de onun sanatçıda uyandırdığı duyumları veren sanat akımı olarak tanımlamış ve ikinci bir tanıma gereksinim duymuştur. Ki bu tanımı sanırım daha çok seviyorum; “sanat eserlerinin, dış etkilerin içe yansıması, […]

Nov 202013
Black Crake Dubstep

Bird photography is quite challenging in many aspects. I am about to start a series of short posts on the Wild Eye blog concerning bird photography basics and principles, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you are interested in our feathered friends at all. One of the key aspects of creating interesting photos […]

Aug 182013
Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge by Don Getty

Whether you are an avid birder, or an obsessed nature photographer as I am, the Bird River Migratory Bird Refuge can be a wonderful location to observe and photograph a wide variety of birds. Over the years I have photographed at the Refuge many times. My most recent visit was in April 2013 and all […]

Jun 142013
Bald Eagles of Alaska by Don Getty

In March 2013 I traveled to Alaska with the sole intent of photographing Bald Eagles. I had photographed Bald Eagles in the past, but those occasions where random sightings. Bald Eagles are thriving in Alaska. At times there were well over 100 eagles in sight. The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United […]

Apr 272013
Costa Rica Update

My second tour complete, so naturally, lots of editing waiting on the hard drives. Both of the 2013 tours were very successful, wonderful guests, amazing nature to see and photograph. This most recent trip was exceptional as we were able to stand in a farmers field and watch Quetzals with their nest. A tree line […]

Apr 212013
Endemic & Endangered Birds of the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta” (Colombia-South America)

Colombia, is one of the countries with the highest biodiversity on the planet, the highest number of animal and plant species per square kilometer anywhere in the world. With 1871 bird species, it has the largest number of bird species of any country on earth, this number continue to rise each year, 74 birds are […]

Dec 112012
Black-chinned Hummingbirds (II)

These Black-chinned hummingbirds are from this summer, since I’m a slacker. I finally figured out all it took was a a bit of patience to get hummingbird flight photos and gave myself one of those pats-on-the-back kind of things once I realized this. (Patience is not really my thing, which is a problem with bird […]

Nov 222012
Bosque del Apache NWR by Don Getty – Part 2

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge is a premier location for winter birding and bird photography. November and December are the best months. Bosque is located in New Mexico about 95 mile south of Albuquerque. The small community of Socorro, 19 mile north of the Refuge, offers a good variety of hotels and restaurants. When […]