Costa Rica Update

Costa Rica Update

My second tour complete, so naturally, lots of editing waiting on the hard drives. Both of the 2013 tours were very successful, wonderful guests, amazing nature to see and photograph. This most recent trip was exceptional as we were able to stand in a farmers field and watch Quetzals with their nest. A tree line that follows a valley through the mountains has a beautiful pair of Resplendent Quetzals on eggs. We stood by watching patiently for the adults to maneuver in and out of the nest.

The birds were very accommodating, as the farmers below were always busy in the fields below, so constant human presence was evident. Witnessing this spectacle proved to be a really interesting and fantastic opportunity. Working with my guests was a gratifying experience also, as they were new to bird photography, and the questions, and interactions kept me very busy.

Working with natural light for all of our imaging is always challenging, and rewarding. I spend a lot of time helping people understand the beauty of light, and how to work with nature, backgrounds, and camera settings to capture what we see in a beautiful, and artistic manner. The birds are not disturbed by our presence, as they carry on with their business. It takes a lot of thought, and energy, shooting at very low shutter speed to make this work.

I recently upgraded to a D800 camera body, in connection to my faithful 200-400 lens, I have found this combination of equipment to work extremely well, with some amazing results. Such details! 36 mega pixels – 30-32 megabyte files, and superb colour rendition!

Recently finishing another tour to Africa, I hope to bring some interesting images and stories to you from that tour which took place in Tanzania, this past January 2013.

Kind regards.

RJB 1049 Yellow Eyed Tree Frog 1200 web
Yellow Eyed Tree Frog
RJB 0757 Violet Sabrewing 1200 web
Violet Sabrewing
RJB 1336 Hummingbird 1200
Stripe Tailed Hummingbird
RJB 2359 Quetzal 1600 x 2560 Macbook Vertical
Resplendent Quetzal
RJB 3088 Green Crowned Brilliant 1200
Green Crowned Brilliant
RJB 9943 Green Honey Creeper 1200 web
Green Honey Creeper
RJB 1144 Crimson collared Tanager 1200 web
Crimson-collared Tanager
RJB 2003 Female Mountain Gem 1200 web
Mountain Gem
RJB 4907 Red legged Honey Creeper 1200 web
Red-legged Honey Creeper

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Raymond Barlow

Raymond Barlow

Ray Barlow's passion for capturing birds and wildlife began at the Manila Zoo in 2004. Since then he has established himself as a professional bird and wildlife photographer. Ray is based near to Toronto Canada and hosts photography travel tours and workshops around the world. He goes to places like Yellowstone, Tanzania, Costa Rica, India, and British Columbia. Action photography including animals in chase or birds such as hummingbirds in flight is Ray's specialty. Now being sponsored by Jobu Design gimbal Heads.

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