Feb 062018
Florida Is 'Raining Iguanas.' Will The Invasive Reptiles Adapt?

While much of the northern part of the U.S. copes with blizzard conditions, in Florida, it’s raining iguanas. Florida residents have been sharing pictures of the reptiles belly up in backyards and on the side of roads. The effect is brought on by the abnormally cold weather hitting the East Coast of the United States. […]

Apr 262015
Aphrodisiac for fish and frogs discovered

A supplement simply added to water has been shown to boost reproduction in nematodes (roundworms), molluscs, fish and frogs – and researchers believe it could work for humans too. Dr Keith Davies, senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and his colleague Dr John Hart, CEO of Endocrine Pharmaceuticals Ltd, observed guppy fish (Poecilia reticulata) […]

Dec 302013
Biggest new animal discoveries of 2013 (photos)

Thousands of species were scientifically described for the first time in 2013. Many of these were ‘cryptic species’ that were identified after genetic analysis distinguished them from closely-related species, while others were totally novel. Below are some of the most interesting “new species” discoveries that took place or were formally announced in 2013. The last […]

Nov 152013
 Mediterranean Tree Frog

Hyla meridionalisAnura – Hylidae – Hylinae Shot in reeds next to a canal in the south of France. This species is close to the European tree frog, the 2 essential differences being: the shorter dark brown spot behind the eye and the hing legs practically not webbed.Aren’t they as cute and attractive as apple candy?!! […]

Oct 092013
Cocoa frog and lilliputian beetle among 60 new species found in Suriname

Sixty species new to science, including a chocolate-coloured frog and a tiny dung beetle less than 3mm long, have been discovered by scientists in Suriname. An expedition of scientists spent three weeks in 2012 exploring an area of rivers, mountains and rainforest in the south-eastern region of Suriname that has “virtually no human influence”. The […]

Sep 192013
Birds and frogs of Bowra Sanctuary

A sudden cold snap in Sydney this weekend provided a good reason to stay indoors and to catch up on some trip reports. In May 2012 I had the opportunity to visit AWC’s Bowra Sanctuary in southern Queensland for a few days. Bowra is an internationally known hotspot for Australia’s threatened birdlife. The 14,000 hectares […]

Aug 072013
La Janda News

Good news that aerial crop spraying is now limited to only a few specific controls for health and agriculture. Natural sprays are used against mosquito control in La Janda although to be honest the problem with such insects is the same in the pine forests. Most of the fertiliser spraying that takes place is showering […]

Jun 222013
Uncharted Territory: Scientists Discover New and Incredible Species

It’s every scientist’s dream to travel to a remote, unexplored place looking for as many new and interesting species as they can find. This was a dream come true for the 15 Mozambican and international scientists, led by Piotr Naskrecki, who spent 3 weeks in the Cheringoma Plateau of Gorongosa National Parkin Mozambique. There couldn’t […]

Apr 272013
Costa Rica Update

My second tour complete, so naturally, lots of editing waiting on the hard drives. Both of the 2013 tours were very successful, wonderful guests, amazing nature to see and photograph. This most recent trip was exceptional as we were able to stand in a farmers field and watch Quetzals with their nest. A tree line […]

Mar 122013
Hidden in plain sight – Frogs and other wildlife of the Watagan Mountains

Stretching along the southern end of the Great Dividing Range, between the Hunter River Catchment and the Tuggerah Lakes, WataganMountains are part of the Eastern Escarpment World Heritage area. Only an hour’s drive north of Sydney, these mountains containpatches of rainforest that trace their origins to the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana. Despite being made up […]

Nov 022012

I’m not going to lie, that first photo may be my new favorite. It’s like they’re posing for their family portrait in a studio. It’s ridiculous. Ridiculously cute, I mean. Come on! His hand is resting on the other guy’s shoulder!? Absurd. Thanks for being such laid back subjects, tree frog buds!

Sep 172012
HOT, But Always Something To Capture

Bird photography in Florida during August and September tends to be relatively slow. Sort of that in between stage after the nesting and fledging has finished and before the migrating birds find their way to us from the north and the cool fronts have any effect at all. It is hot, and the heat and […]

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