Jun 262017
Mongolia - 16th May (Day 9) - Ikht Bogd Uul and to Kholboolj Lakes near to Jinst

After a good nights sleep in our tents beside Orog Lake we had an earlier breakfast at 06:30 overlooking the lake with its breeding colony of Spoonbill and Grey Heron and to the sound of booming Bittern and singing Asian Short-toed Lark. After loading the car we headed up the valley behind the campsite and […]

Jun 062017
Suffolk Warblers

We parked up at Lakenheath this morning at 6am and took the long walk out to Joist Fen. On arrival there was another guy listening and looking for DB’S Marsh Warbler which we heard as we approached and saw straight away sitting up belting out it’s full repertoire which seemed to include a little Nightingale […]

Feb 172017
Mirasol chico (Least Bittern) Ixobrychus exilis

Lentamente voy retornando a la normalidad luego de unos días de descanso alejado de la PC, estuve visitando otros lugares y tuve la suerte de regresar a Argentina con interesante material fotográfico para compartir en el blog, hay mucho para contar y mostrar de un viaje familias que fué planificado con mucho tiempo, en el […]

Apr 232014
Malta – Massacre on Migration (Episode 2)

The second episode of Chris Packham’s documentary “Malta – Massacre on Migration” opens on the cliffs at dawn. Apparently there are 384 bird species to be found on Malta. The videoclip includes stunning shots of Montagu’s Harriers circling on the outskirts of Gozo preparing to roost for the night, reports of “lamping” taking place using […]

Apr 112013
Tricolor Heron, Egretta tricolor

Formerly known as the Louisiana Heron, the Tricolor Heron (Egretta tricolor) is a mid-sized wading bird native to the Gulf Coast of the U.S. One of only four Herons found in the U.S., the Tricolorfeeds in marshes and shallows by kinking up food with it’s feet. Most closely related to Bitterns (Ardeidae), Tricolors are seemingly […]

Jan 092013
The heron family near Jizan

During the trip to the Jizan area, much of the heron family activity was at Lake Maliki. This is the largest fresh water mass in the kingdom by a big margin. The two commonest heron family members were glossy ibis and squacco heron. I looked carefully through the glossy bis for juvenile northern bald ibis. […]

Dec 302012
Drama at Oe

This morning at Oe I observed a Peregrine Falcon consistently attack an Eurasian Bittern. Although the falcon gained height and swooped down on a few occasions, it never actually “hit” the bittern – it kept breaking off its attack just before striking. I can only surmise that as it had lost the advantage of surprise, […]

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