Feb 142018
Love Baby Birds? Oil and Gas Drilling Is Risking Their Births

On top of all the other problems people associate with the oil and gas drilling (spills, air pollution, habitat reduction, etc.) there’s another one that goes underreported: it’s just plain noisy! Now we’re starting to get a sense of what that noise can do to the animals whose land has been invaded by drilling operations. […]

Oct 102017
Be Sure To Be An eBirder

Somewhere between the Arctic and Southwest Florida is a place to relax and do some good birding. One of those great places to bird is in Killingworth, Connecticut. With the ability to observe action at a leisurely pace, typically 15 minutes before sunrise and beyond with a desire to increase my bird list, it has […]

Jun 052017
A Bird Sanctuary In Killingworth, CT Pt. I

The creation of a sanctuary for birds with a few feeders offering a variety of food to sustain them in the winter months was actually an afterthought.           The Eastern Bluebird above (image 3) was photographed at Casa Almeida in January 2017. The Brown Creeper above (image 1) was photographed at […]

Jan 312014
Bluebirds. But not on my shoulder.

Bluebirds! For some reason people around here always claim “there are no bluebirds here.” I wonder then, do they ever look outside? Do they ever go outside? Because hey! There are indeed eastern bluebirds watching you right now. Year round, in fact. Anyway, everyone loves bluebirds. Or at least, everyone should love bluebirds. How can […]

Sep 132013
Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is only 25 miles from New York City in Vernon, New Jersey. It’s a great place for a day of strolling and wildlife spotting.There are duck blinds,roads and trails, wildflower fields, and boardwalks over marshes. Wood ducks and eastern bluebirds are some of the wildlife rock stars that breed in […]

Aug 032013
Back To Cooler Garden Days of June ~ Roses, Mauves, Reds and Bluebird Broods

July has been a sultry mix so far with last night’s “humiture” becoming more bearable or wearable I might say. I find it amusing that a former weatherman and gardener of the nameGeorge Winterling developed what we know as the ‘heat index’ . . . where the temperature of the air and that of the […]

Jul 142013
Purple Siberian Iris, Butterflies and Birds

Looking back over the month of June, iris sepals unfurl and fall creating waves of hues from lavender to deep purple . . . filling the Middle Meadow garden with hundreds of blooms lasting nearly three full weeks as new buds continue to open. Eastern Tiger Swallowtails Papilio glaucus or Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Papilio canadensis […]

Jun 092013
Western Bluebird Nestlings Fledge as Violet-green Swallows Watch

Being the conscientious Bluebird Trail monitor that I am, I noticed Friday, on my way home from work, as I approached this nest box one of the nestlings was staring back at me out the entrance hole. I knew it had to be close to fledging time because I check the boxes often enough to […]

Jan 282013

American robins and other wild creatures have to get creative if they want to quench a winter thirst (Photo: Ingrid Taylar, Creative Commons license). Which season comes to mind when you read these words? parched; desiccated; shriveled; arid; sere; If you’re a wild thing, the answer may well be winter. Sure, the heat of summer […]

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