May 132015
Highlights from this year's Spring Tour on The Strait of Gibraltar - April 2015

Here’s a quick photo summary of some of the birds we watched down in Andalucia on one of my spring birdwatching tours. Each spring we offer such small tour group holidays to go out in the field and see what bird species are arriving from Africa. The close proximity of the two continents makes this […]

Feb 212014
Let the games begin once again

After long idle due to being too occupied in moving into our new house at last, yesterday I went back to the field, joined by Shachar with his powerful Nikon (thus I didn’t really bother photographing…)We had a great day with many birds and goodevidenceof migration throughout. Starting at K20 we found the ponds loading […]

Feb 062014

While Winter is still around (at least according to the date) and with it some very nice species like thisPallid Scops Owl which was found by Shachar few weeks ago at Wadi Shlomo and was still present yesterday (I was afraidI’mnot going to see one this winter…)and the wintering Bonelli’s and Eastern Imperial Eaglesare still […]

Jan 142014
The mighty Bonelli's

A mighty raptor, a fearless eagle that can often bring down large prey and also be seen preying on other birds of prey. Shy and sly, an eagle that has the charm to make you fall in love with it, an eagle called the Bonelli’s Eagle.

Sep 042013
Raptor Movement and La Janda News

It’s been another busy week here down on The Strait of Gibraltar. As the summer slowly comes to an end and autumn weather and shorter days signal birds to move slowly south, the skies above Cadiz province have all kinds of bird species flying over or stopping off to feed before crossing the narrow stretch […]

Mar 152013
Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata)

The Bonelli’s Eagle (Aquila fasciata) is one of my favourite raptors and I recently had the opportunity of watching and photographing of this lovely adult male. At this time of the year in Andalucia females are incubating eggs and males play their part by bringing food to their mates as she waitspatiently for the chicks […]

Mar 142013
Slowly but surely

Spring is moving on and so does the birding in the area. At the IBRCE ringing station, numbers are stillmoderate but nevertheless some nice species are being caught (see Markus write up below) and there are growing numbers of Sylvia’s ticking throughout and new arrivals like Red-necked Phalaropes, Marsh Sandpipers, Greater Sand Plovers and more […]

Jan 212013
A Morning’s Birding in January

First of all a Happy New Year to all my readers!We were away for quite a while this holiday period and I was in need of some birding at my local patch, La Janda. Every month of the year there is continual migration through our area and change is apparent almost on a weekly basis.The […]

Jan 122013
Happy New 2013!

So where have the blog gone? Why are you not posting any more, we want to hear some updates… In fact, I can think of so many excuses but the truth is, that I was just too lazy and didn’t have the mood to sit down and write while so many observations and reports have […]

Oct 232012
From Cape Trafalgar to La Janda

The Natural Park at Barbate which incorporates two different areas covering over 5,000 hectares is quite unique and diverse for wildlife. This is a view of the pine forest of La Breña, taken from the summit of the Sierra de Retin. Cape Trafalgar is just around the corner and the cliff top walk from the […]

Oct 092012
Southern Spain Part 1 – The Strait of Gibraltar with Limosa Holidays

Day 5. Sunday 16th September A thick layer of mist hung over the coast and main road to Tarifa as we took an early breakfast. Driving a short distance onto the old military land, now being used by Fundación Migres, we left in the mini-bus and decided to have a look at the physical layout […]

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