Nov 132015
Carancho (Southern-crested Caracara) Caracara plancus

Fácil de identificar por su gran tamaño y comportamiento el Carancho sea quizás la rapaz más conocida de nuestra fauna; junto a los Chimangos tal vez sean de los mas abundantes. Infaltable al costado de las rutas de nuestro país alimentándose de los animales atropellados por los vehículos cumpliendo por ello una muy importante función […]

Jun 122013
South Texas Photography Trip

Over the last several years, in a number of photography forums I follow, I kept seeing wonderful images from several of the photography ranches in south Texas. Each year I would say, I need to get down there. Well, last summer I decided to plan the trip. I asked three of my photog friends if […]

Mar 172013
Carancho (Southern-crested Caracara)

Tanto calor hacía en horas de la siesta que hasta los Caranchos estaban con fiaca para moverse, cuando me bajé del auto para abrir una de las tranqueras este Carancho se quedó perchando en el poste a menos de 3 metros de distancia del lugar en donde yo estaba parado, lindo acercamiento para la foto.

Feb 182013
Joe Overstreet and E. Lake Toho, 2/9/2013

It’s always fun when you get two lifers in two days. Yesterday a Lincoln’s Sparrowand this morning a Long-billed Curlew. I drove down to the Joe Overstreet Landing and had a great time there. The Curlew was very cooperative and easily found. It was hanging out with numerous Wilson’s Snipe. Then I found a Crested […]

Jul 262012
The Jewel Of Florida

We are very fortunate in Floridato have many places where the beauty of nature all seem to come together.The Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands at Viera, though, or The Viera Wetlands, as the locals call it,is my favorite, and the favorite of many nature photographers. It is a water reclamation area with wonderful surrounds and attracts […]

Sep 062011
Labor Day Weekend - Visiting a New Place and the Regulars Return

I spent this weekend going first to a place I had not been before, Jetty Park, which is in Cape Canaveral, FL. It is along the Atlantic coast, just north of Cocoa Beach. The beach is really nice and we were greeted with a lovely sunrise, the first image shown below. There was a fair […]

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