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Nov 232017
Serengeti birdlife in spring

It was mid-September in the western Corridor of the Serengeti. A bit early for most of the migrants, but there were a few early arrivals. The resident avian population in the Serengeti at this time of the year is diverse and would gladden any bird lover’s heart. There was also a wide variety of habitats […]

Aug 282017
Wildlife Thrives in Korea’s Demilitarized Zone

It’s a tableau reminiscent of First World War entrenchments, a narrow strip of land with North Korean and South Korean soldiers, tanks, and barbed wire lining each side. Said strip is about four kilometers across and 250 kilometers long, and neatly cuts the Korean Peninsula in two. It was formed in peace talks after the […]

Dec 032015
Climate change already forcing world's birds towards poles, says report

The world’s birds have begun flocking towards the earth’s north and south poles and upwards to higher ground as climate change begins to transform their habitats, a new report has found. One quarter of 570 bird species studied globally have been affected negatively by climate change, while 13% have responded positively, says the study by […]

Nov 062013
Mahem in the Mara

During the recent Wild Eye photographic safari that I led to the Mara Triangle in Kenya, we had some very nice sightings of (in my mind) Africa’s most beautiful crane species – the Southern Crowned Crane (or Mahem Crane). This photo was taken as the early morning light burst through the clouds on the horizon […]