Mar 152018
The Chain Reaction on Nature of a Lack of Education or Knowledge

Everyone loves to get close to wild animals right? That feeling of wow am I really doing this, is that wild *animal* really that close. That’s what goes through my mind when something is a reasonable size to see the detail in hair/ feathers/ scales in my 300mm +1.4 converter (I’m incredibly short and a […]

Jul 302017
POLL: Should the Eurasian Lynx be reintroduced?

Wildlife group Lynx UK Trust has officially filed a request to allow the reintroduction of the Eurasian lynx to select areas of Northumberland. The move could represent a massive step forward in restoring some of the UK’s long-lost wild predators. The enigmatic Eurasian lynx, a medium-sized feline known for its long-tipped ears, once roamed UK […]

Jun 062016
POLL: Are nature laws a reason for UK to stay in the EU?

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has come out in support of the EU’s Nature Directives, citing environmental conservation as a big reason citizens should vote to remain in the EU in the national referendum on 23 June. “EU membership underpins many crucial environmental protections in the UK, while amplifying our voice in the world on […]

Apr 012016
Pigeon patrol takes flight to tackle London's air pollution crisis

They’ve been driven from Trafalgar square for being a nuisance, derided as rats with wings and maligned as a risk to public health. But now pigeons could play a small part in helping Londoners overcome one of the capital’s biggest health problems – its illegal levels of air pollution blamed for thousands of deaths a […]

Sep 152015
Even the Bottom of the Grand Canyon is Now Contaminated

By almost any calculation, the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is one of the most isolated places in the contiguous United States. Although about half a million people a year hike Grand Canyon trails, only a tiny fraction of them make the arduous trek to the bottom, almost a mile from […]

Jan 092015
Video: Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest hangs in the balance!

The future of Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest still hangs in the balance. First Nations, environmentalists, industry, and government continue to forge a compromise that might keep this 64,000 square kilometre region from having the same sad fate as most of the world’s precious preserves of water, food, wildlife, and oxygen. But even if this is […]

Mar 022014
NON-PROFIT expedition workshop to see polar bears in Svalbard, 2014

Join us on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage in the High Arctic to experience polar bears in their environment, while learning about their biology, their current and future status, the threats against them, and what you can do to help protect them. While we will provide and ensure the full experience that a regular small-ship expedition cruise […]

Dec 212013
Battle to save barn owl after freak weather kills thousands

Ornithologists say 2013 will be viewed as the worst year ever recorded for one of Britain’s favourite farmland birds. They fear that there are now fewer than 1,000 breeding pairs of barn owls in England, following four years of extreme weather that have resulted in the population of the protected bird declining by more than […]

Aug 302013
Adventures of a Nature Photographer: Interaction with Wild Animals

What is the work of a nature photographer really like? Adventures, beautiful landscapes, expeditions and wild animals? Have you ever wondered how all these breathtaking pictures are made? I, for sure, did. This is why I created “Adventures of a Nature Photographer” . I want to share my experiences with you. Come with me on […]

Jul 092013
New tree shrew discovered in Vietnam forest

Researchers have described a previously unknown species of tree shrew in the forests of Vietnam. The study was published July 2 in the open access journal ZooKeys. The species, named Crocidura sapaensis after Sa Pa District, where it was collected, was discovered after genetic analysis revealed that it was distinct from three closely-related species also […]

Jul 062013
Making movies to save Uganda's great apes

A new series of films aims to protect Uganda’s great ape species (mountain gorillas and chimpanzees) by bringing entertaining and educational movies to a rural audience living on the edges of Kibale National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Produced with heavy input from locals, these films are acted with an all-Ugandan task to teach […]

Jul 052013
New long-horned beetle discovered in China

Recent expeditions by the Chinese Academy of Science’s Institute of Zoology to the Yunnan Province of China have uncovered the existence of a new species of long-horned beetle. This newly discovered beetle has a beautifully colored blue-green body with short, slender, and distinctively blue legs according to a new article in Zookeys. There are over […]

Jul 042013
Beaten and captured orangutan dies in Indonesia's Aceh Province

An orangutan in Indonesia’s Aceh province died last Thursday after being beaten by residents of a local village attempting to capture the animal. The case casts a tragic spotlight on what is becoming an increasingly serious problem in the region, as habitat decline and weak law enforcement leave wild orangutans at risk of being killed […]

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