Oct 292017
POLL: Should Trump be allowed to "roll back" the Clean Water Act?

October is the month for scary stories, so here goes. Once upon a time, there were no federal standards to protect water quality in our rivers, streams, bays, and lakes. The result? Rivers like Ohio’s Cuyahoga River caught fire multiple times before the infamous fire in 1969. The average loss of wetlands in the United […]

Mar 202017
POLL: Should Trump disband USDA Wildlife "Killing" Services?

Despite persistent outrage from the public, the U.S. government killed 2.7 million wild animals in 2016 — and almost 1.6 million were native wildlife, according to data released this week. That’s roughly five animals every minute. Even after scientific investigations by a team of ecologists cast serious doubts around the necessity of these killings, Wildlife […]

Jun 272013
Controversial herring gull cull gets green light

Owen Paterson, the environment secretary, has given the green light to a controversial cull of endangered sea birds on the Ribble Estuary in Lancashire, the Guardian has learned. The RSPB said it is “extremely concerned” that the cull of up to 475 breeding pairs of herring gulls and 552 breeding pairs of lesser black-backed gulls […]

Jun 202013
Demand for ivory destabilising central Africa

The massacre of elephants has gone beyond being a problem for animal rights activists. It now concerns international institutions and governments at the highest level because it is perceived as a threat to political and economic stability in central Africa. Last month, the matter drew the attention of the African Development Bank in Marrakech, at […]

Jun 192013
In Global First, Philippines to Destroy Its Ivory Stock

On June 21 the Philippines will destroy five tons of seized ivory, becoming the world’s first ivory-consuming nation to destroy its national ivory stock. The act comes in the wake of the country’s being identified by National Geographic magazine as having a longtime ivory-trafficking problem. “The destruction of the items would hopefully bring the Philippines’ […]

Jun 122013
Thai police discover 14 albino lions in warehouse near Bangkok

Thai police have arrested a pet shop owner after discovering 14 albino lions smuggled from Africa and hundreds of other protected animals in a warehouse near Bangkok. Birds, meerkats, tortoises, capuchin monkeys and other exotic species were found on the premises, Colonel Ek Ekasart of the local police department said. Officers said Montri Boonprom-on, 41, […]

Jun 122013
White lion breeding at UK wildlife parks linked to 'canned hunting'

They are a rare and beautiful variant of an ordinary lion, a big cat with a recessive gene that gives it striking white fur. But two British wildlife parks have been accused of unethical practices for breeding white lions taken from a farm linked to “canned hunting” in South Africa and allowing cubs to be […]

Jun 052013
Seven rhinos killed by poachers in Kenya's bloodiest week

Gunshots rang out across the wilderness on 23 May when poachers shot to death one rhino in Lake Nakuru National Park. Then three days later on 26 May they struck two sites, Solio Ranch near Nyeri in central Kenya, and at Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Tsavo West National Park killing one rhino in each protected […]

Jun 042013
Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Bears Roam

In the original poem-turned-song Home on the Range, Dr. Brewster Higley affectionately recalled building his Kansas cabin in a place he shared with buffalo, deer, and antelope. Notably absent from his poem are the other species of large mega-fauna that at one time called his region home, including grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, and mountain […]

Jun 022013
Shark tourism expected to double as fishing value declines

Sharks swimming free in the oceans may soon become more valuable as tourist attractions than when caught, sliced up and served in soup, according to a global study published on Friday. The study urged better protection for the fish, from Australia to the Caribbean, to reduce catches of an estimated 38ma year to meet demand […]

May 062013
Lead bullet fragments poison rare US condors

Conservationists in the United States say that fragments of lead ammunition continue to take a desperate toll on one of the country’s rarest birds. Since December, seven wild California condors from a population of 80 have died in the Grand Canyon area. Three of the deaths have been definitively linked to ingesting lead from bullets […]

Apr 242013
Giant snails on advance in Florida

South Florida is battling a growing infestation of the giant African land snail. The snail is considered one of the most destructive invasive species, feeding voraciously on more than 500 plant species. They can also eat through plaster walls, which provides the calcium content they need for their shells. Experts recently gathered at a science […]

Apr 182013
The Thai 'honeypots' used to traffic wild animals out of South Africa: Women pose as hunters with licences to slaughter rhinos

This photograph of a Thai woman sitting on top of a dead rhino with a rifle in hand is a ‘fake hunt’ photo allowing poachers to get away with their illegal wildlife trade, authorities believe. Authorities say that she is one of the women allegedly hired by a Laotian wildlife trafficking gang to pose as […]