Jul 172017
POLL: Should the killing and trading of migratory birds be banned?

Revealing scientific reports about the complexity of strategies employed by poachers and a cross-border trade scheme in the north African countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria show that these activities have contributed to serious shrinkage of specie range of the beautiful European goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis), which is often targeted by hunters. On 22 June 2017, […]

Nov 232015
Birding Antalya, Turkey

A few days ago I returned from Antalya, Turkey. I wasn’t there for fun or birding; it was a work trip. I was unable to go anywhere except walk around the hotel grounds and look for whatever wildlife might appear there. However, the grounds were large and beautiful; there were lots of trees, and the […]

Feb 262014
Smile for the European goldfinch!

Carduelis carduelis – Like many small migratory passerine birds, I did not see many goldfinches this year in the south of France. It really is my fetish passerine, having rescued and hand raised a few when I was young! Although the cage remained opened they preferred to spend the night inside for safety and eat […]

Dec 302012
European Goldfinch, males

Carduelis carduelis – Passeriformes – Fringillidae. This is the bird that started my passion for birding when I was a kid! I have hand raised a number of Goldfinches but one in particular was very special. He would go to his cage only to sleep and nibble seeds, otherwise he was always with one of […]