May 222017
Great Kiskadee and Lookalikes

Everytime I go to Mexico I love seeing Great Kiskadees. They’re beautiful birds, and they’re always calling, it seems, so you always know they’re around. But there are other species of flycatchers that look very much like them. The Social Flycatcher has a smaller bill and a slightly different facial pattern. I’ve seen those in […]

Aug 292015
Acapulco Birding, Aug. 2015

Yesterday I returned from my service project in Acapulco, Mexico. We were working with an orphanage there, and my time was pretty filled up with that. However, in the mornings I was able to walk along the streets around the campus and see what birds I could find. I found four new life birds on […]

Feb 012015
Road building spree hurts Amazon birds

A city-dwelling crow in Japan strategically drops a nut near a crosswalk into moving traffic. The bird then waits patiently for the light to turn before dropping down to the road and collecting the cracked nut in safety. While this type of animal behavior is fascinating, such adaptation to the human world is not possible […]

Jul 282014
South Texas Photography Trip - June 2014

First, this particular area of south Texas is called the Rio Grande Valley, more specifically, the Lower Rio Grande Valley. It is where the Rio Grande River meets the Gulf of Mexico, and is considered one of the most biologically diverse regions in North America, where over 500 species of birds have been documented. During […]

Apr 222014
Benteveo común, Great kiskadee, Pitangus sulphuratus

¡Cómo no aprovechar la oportunidad de lograr unas buenas fotografías!!!! Sabido es que en la fotografía de aves el quedarse quieto tiene sus beneficios ornitológicos, como lo dice don Tito Narosky es una de las pruebas mas duras para el fotógrafo. Aveces cuando las novedades escasean uno siempre comete el error de cambiar de lugar […]

Mar 092014
SNAP! How I Photographed 585 Species in One Year to Benefit Hawaiian Birds

Wow, what a year. From Northern Hawk Owl to Great Kiskadee, my 2013 “photographic big year” – focused on raising funds for ABC to help out Hawai’i’s endangered bird species – exceeded expectations in every way thanks to so many bird enthusiasts, and maybe including some of you! Back at the beginning of 2013, I […]

Sep 252013
Cuando la confianza vence al miedo

Estas fotos son un claro ejemplo que muestran los resultados de cuando la confianza vence al miedo; es sabido que algunas especies son mucho mas confiadas que otras, pero luego de un buen tiempo brindando comida a las aves, estoy logrando que lleguen a acostumbrarse de mi presencia y a veces la cercanía me juega […]

Aug 202013
Acapulco Birds

I spent last week in Acapulco, Mexico. I wasn’t there for birding. I was there with a small group of people that were working in an orphanage. I barely went anywhere outside the orphanage, but I did walk the streets nearby in the mornings, and once in the afternoon, just to see what I might […]

Aug 092013
 Climate Change, Deforestation Driving Increased Parasitism of Young Nesting Birds in Argentina

A new report shows that increases in precipitation and changes in vegetative structure in Argentine forests—factors driven by climate change and deforestation in the region—are leading to increased parasitism of young nesting birds by fly larvae (botflies). The report, Multi-level Determinants of Parasitic Fly Infection in Forest Passerines, appears in the current online edition of […]

Jun 122013
South Texas Photography Trip

Over the last several years, in a number of photography forums I follow, I kept seeing wonderful images from several of the photography ranches in south Texas. Each year I would say, I need to get down there. Well, last summer I decided to plan the trip. I asked three of my photog friends if […]

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