Hooded Merganser – Focusing on Wildlife
Dec 052017
Mondo Ponds Nature Preserve Trail

Mondo Ponds Nature Preserve is located in Milford, Connecticut only minutes from I-95 and dozens of other highly valued birding venues. Images presented in this blog article were capture on a pair of visits made to the trail, one in late October and one in late November. While the preserve constitutes nearly 36 acres, I […]

Sep 152017
Woodchat Shrike at Sodbury Common

With the Jims needing the Woodchat Shrike for a life tick we headed off up the M4 this morning in search of that tick. Arriving on Sodbury Common at 7ish we got lucky as we pulled up next to the finder and received detailed advise on where to look as he walked on to work […]

Aug 102017
Wood Duck and Hooded Merganser Babies

As usual, the short Canadian summer feels like it’s moving at light speed. Is it already August? July was all about trying to balance regular summer activities (like paddling, camping and socializing with friends) with birding. Birding is fairly slow in July anyway, so it was nice to shift my focus for a while. Saying […]

Sep 282016
Quiet Nature Preserves Have Their Busy Days

We have a small nature preserve in town named The Helen Carlson Wildlife Sanctuary. I like to stop in for a quick look around whenever I’m in the area. During my last visit their was a Red-shouldered Hawk calling out keyeer keyeer keeyer from the top of a pine tree just as I was getting […]

Dec 152013
Hooded Mergansers

Birdwatchers call them “hoodies.” I saw this pair and lots more of them at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Oceanville, New Jersey, on the day after Thanksgiving. The little ducks are about 20 inches long, have a wingspan of about two feet, and weigh between one and two pounds. They are found […]

Jan 142013
  Hooded Merganser - Lophdytes cucullatus

What I love about winter in New England is that the pond start to freeze up and it concentrates the ducks and other birds into smaller areas that have open water. At a local pond in Plymouth Massachusetts, it becomes much easier to photograph and observe hooded mergansers. I was able to observe and photograph […]

Jan 082013
Merritt Island NWR, 12/31/2012

I spent the last morning of the year at Merritt Island. We went by Blackpoint Wildlife Drive and then Biolab Rd. I was hoping to find one more species for the year, but it looks like I’ll have to end the year at 259 Florida birds. Still, it was a nice, sunny day, and there […]

Dec 022012
Rare Art Works by John James Audubon at Auction on December 5th Part IV

A rare collection of 82 original, hand-colored engravings of birds and quadrupeds by John James Audubon will come under the hammer in New York on 5th December 2012. “The Birds of America” was published in London between 1827 and 1838 by Robert Havell. Although some items will be purchased by art galleries for public display, […]

Hooded Merganser Lophodytes cucullatus

Hooded Merganser Lophodytes cucullatus

The Hooded Merganser (Lophodytes cucullatus) is a small duck and is the only member of the genus Lophodytes. Their breeding habitat is swamps and wooded ponds on the northern half of the United States or southern Canada. They form pairs in early winter. Hooded Mergansers are short distance migrants and winter in the United States […]

Feb 142012
Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge Continues to Please

So far into the new year Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge has continued to be VERY active. There has been a good population of roseate spoonbills, america avocets, eagles, and all sorts of ducks. Let me see if I can list some of the ducks in good numbers, american widgeons, northern shovelers, pintails, hooded mergansers, ring-necked, […]

Nov 282011
The Activity is Heating Up!

This past weekend I was at the Viera Wetlands, located in Viera, Florida. It is one of my favorites places to photograph. This time of year the activity really gets going and it did not disappoint! The ducks haved started to arrive, as in hooded mergansers, blue winged teals and northern shovelers. The crested caracara’s […]