Jul 112017
Mongolia - 18th May (Day 11) - Barig Mountain to Sangiin Dalai Lake

We were up at 05:15 to the sound of screaming Saker Falcon, packed our bags and after a quick coffee headed back up Barig Mountain at 06:00 for a last try for Hodgson’s Bush-chat. After climbing the steep grassy and rock strewn slopes of the mountains in the vehicles we parked at the summit and […]

Jun 112017
Alpine Marmot (Marmota marmota)

On my 3 day hiking adventure in the national park of Switzerland and it’s surroundings, I was lucky enough to video capture some marmots (Marmota marmota). My journey includes the beautiful Val Mora. A pristine valley sitting between two high rising mountain ranges in the canton of Grisons, Switzerland. The alpine marmot (Marmota marmota) is […]

Jun 062015
So plague-y, but so cute.

Lookit this little yellow-bellied marmot friend. Lookit! So what if he might carry the plague, he’s freaking adorable. I’ve seen a few around here, but this is the smallest one I’ve ever seen (also, the least mangy). Update kinda: I’m down in SE ID at the moment following sage-grouse and trying to learn all the […]

Sep 072014
Alpine Marmots

From the same family as the squirrels, this creature is symbolic of our mountains and lives in an altitude between 800 and 3 000 meters. It was successfully reintroduced in Pyrenees in 1948, as it had totally disappeared at the end of the Pleistocene period. It hibernates 6 to 7 months a year without stocking food […]

Jan 152013
Long winter’s nap

Grab forty winks. Saw logs. For a species that’s habitually short on shut-eye, we humans sure have come up with myriad ways to talk about it. We also spend a lot of time and money studying sleep, or the lack thereof. Yet, in spite of decades of inquiry, researchers still don’t have a good fix […]

Nov 142012
Wildlife Slaughter in South Dakota

Imagine my amazement this morning to see a Google advertisement inviting me to hunt wildlife in South Dakota – and I live in Switzerland! It seems that South Dakota is being promoted as the ideal tourist destination for wildlife hunting. So I clicked on the advertisement and within a few minutes realized that wildlife hunting […]