Jan 092017
POLL: Should Poland's bison hunting plan be allowed to go ahead?

Environmentalists are fighting Polish plans to allow hunters to shoot bison. Officials say limited hunting allows for a controlled elimination of weak animals and earns money for care for the herds. But opponents say Europe’s largest mammals are endangered and protected by law. Greenpeace has gathered 9,000 signatures on a letter asking the prime minister, […]

May 242016
POLL: Should Poland’s Białowieża forest be protected?

Europe’s last primeval forest is facing what campaigners call its last stand as loggers prepare to start clear-cutting trees, following the dismissal of dozens of scientists and conservation experts opposed to the plan. Poland’s new far right government says logging is needed because more than 10% of spruce trees in the Unesco world heritage site […]

Dec 022015
POLL: Should wolves be rewilded in other countries?

Wolves have returned to a large national park on the outskirts of Warsaw, decades after they were wiped out there under a hunt launched by the communist authorities. “We’re really happy,” said Magdalena Kamińska, spokeswoman for the 150sq mile (385sq km) Kampinos national park, Poland’s second largest. “The fact that wolves have returned to our […]

Aug 222012
White-tailed Eagle reintroduction into England - Will the next choice be Cumbria ?

In many ways, we are living in a remarkable age of progress for nature conservation. Raptors driven to extinction in Britain long ago by Man’s ignorance and intolerance are being brought back into our modern word by a welcome programme of reintroduction, turning what was once considered to be an impossible dream into a reality […]