Bushmeat hunting threatens hornbills and raptors in Cameroon’s forests, study finds

Hornbills, vultures and eagles are being hunted for bushmeat in Cameroon in much greater numbers than previously thought, a new study has found. Previous research has shown that relatively few birds are sold in Cameroon’s markets compared to mammals and reptiles. However, market surveys can be biased toward commercially valuable wildlife, missing animals that are […]

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Road Kill

Caracaras are birds of prey in the family Falconidae. They are traditionally placed in the subfamily Polyborinae, but are sometimes considered part of their own subfamily, Caracarinae, or members of the true falcon subfamily, Falconinae. Caracaras are principally birds of South and Central America, just reaching the southern United States. Unlike the Falco falcons in […]

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Migration resumes

The 7th Eilat Bird Festival is behind us and despite not getting to our usual final checklist of 240 species, we stillmanagedto get a nice assembly of species, some not very commonly seen neither at any of the past festivals nor every spring like these Hill Sparrow,Black Bush Robins &PharaohEagle Owland no less than 3 […]

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