Sep 192017
6 Fascinating Facts About the Misunderstood Magpie

Magpies are often maligned as pests, but they’re actually quite interesting birds that are usually overlooked for both their beauty and their intelligence. Here are six interesting facts about magpies. 1. Magpies Don’t Like Shiny Things — They’re Scared of Them Magpies have a reputation as thieves out to steal your shiny jewelry or take […]

Aug 302017
Small guests at the Giant’s Castle table

The vulture’s hide at Giant’s Castle is a raptor hide first and foremost. The setting on the edge of a middleberg ridge is spectacular. Placing the bones for the raptors, mainly for the Bearded Vultures, supplements their natural food sources which is diminishing due to loss of habitat and is the main purpose of the […]

Apr 102017
Another day at Dungeness

We arrived at first light to find the point covered in thick fog and the fog horn blasting out it’s warning to the ships that couldn’t see the lighthouse. By 7:30am the fog had lifted and we quickly found a couple of Wheatear on the shingle by the fishing boats. An hours sea watch enabled […]

Mar 062014
Jackdaws protect their nests 'with bright eyes'

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, UK, tested whether the dark birds’ striking blue-white eyes help them to protect nest sites. They found that jackdaws avoided nest boxes when they could see the eyes of a jackdaw inside. Experts suggest this is the first evidence that bright eyes could act as signals in the bird […]

Mar 052014

På en åtel så kommer det mycket kråkfåglar och då är korpen den viktigaste detta för att den är naturligt väldigt skygg och vågar den sig fram så känner sig kungsörnen lite tryggare och kommer fram den också. Här ett gäng som ser ut att göra en gemensam plan för att överlista andra för att […]

Feb 102014
POLL: Should shooting clubs be allowed to shoot endangered birds?

Welsh populations of golden plover have declined by 80% in 30 years yet the British Association for Shooting and Conservation has them in its sights. Tide ebbs from Traeth Bach. The estuary gathers light, resolves into a pattern of interlocking curves, gleaming channels, draining sand. I walked this place daily years ago, far out by […]

Jan 202014
Power line nests put US ravens in pole position for prey

Ravens in the US are building their nests on electricity power lines and using the height to target their prey, according to new research. The scientists say the majority of ravens in the study area were now living on transmission poles and posed a bigger threat to endangered species. Raven numbers in western states have […]

Jan 192014
‘Falcon cam’ reveals how the birds of prey close in for the kill

Scientists have strapped tiny video cameras to the heads and backs of falcons to learn how the birds hunt their prey. Footage from the on-bird cameras revealed the strategy the predators used in flight as they chased down crows and closed in for the kill. Rather than head straight for their target, the falcons kept […]

Jun 252013
Specieswatch: European eagle owl

The European eagle owl Bubo bubo is not a popular bird. It is very large and ferocious, and although it lives and successfully nests in Britain it is officially regarded as an alien and a danger to our own birds of prey because it does not like to share its hunting territory. Foxhunts have further […]

Apr 202013
Blandade bilder

När man är ute och rör på sig så ser man många djur men kanske inte alltid på det fotoavstånd man vill och man kanske inte har med sig de brännvidder (objektiv) som man önskar, men man vill ändå dokumentera det man ser. Här lite bilder som tillkommit senaste veckan och då bara på det […]

Apr 092013
The Sky Dancers

It was Easter weekend, an early start after a great night watching the Northern Lights. I was driving through the magnificent Glen More in the south east of Mull, the sun was beaming down and as it reached mid morning the temperatures started to pick up. An immature Golden Eagle appeared above the mountainous skyline […]

Mar 012013
Best Photo of the Week Ended 23 Feb 2013

We are delighted to announce the winners of our most recent “Best Photo of the Week” Competition. Raj Dhage wins First Prize for his outstanding photo “King of Fishers”. Nancy Elwood wins Second Prize with “Great Blue Herons Nest Building” andPer-Eric Svahn wins Third Prize with “Raven in the Snow”. The voting for all entries […]