The animal you see first in this wild optical illusion reveals a lot about your true personality

The animal you see first in this wild optical illusion reveals a lot about your true personality

THERE are many different types of brainteasers, some put your mind to work and others can alter the way you see the world around you.

This wild illusion can reveal loads about your personality – but it all depends on which animal you spot first.

So are you a social butterfly or do you prefer to keep things calm?

Just a quick glance at this illustration can reveal just that and some other hidden personality traits.

The optical illusion shows white stripes on a blue background – some people notice the lines forming a lions face first but others spot a two zebras roaming.

Which did you see first?

The Bright Side explained exactly what that means about you…

Two zebras

If you fall into the group who saw two zebras it means that you enjoy socialising and being in the company of others.

It may also mean that you love a good natty and look forward to chatting with people.

The experts said: “You love talking and enjoy being surrounded by people.

“Making new acquaintances is your hobby. You don’t like boring routines.”

Lion’s face

Seeing a lion’s face with a rugged mane indicates that you are a calmer person.

Rather than surrounding yourself with loads of people, you prefer to invest in a select few.

The expert said: “You prefer a calmer lifestyle. You’d rather spend some quality time with your few trusted friends and your family.

“Having too many people around drains your energy, which is why you avoid crowded spaces.”

This article by Lauren Windle was first published by The Scottish Sun on 12 May 2023. Lead Image: Credit: BRIGHT SIDE.

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