Uninhabited Islands Home to 65 Chimps After Years of US-Funded Experiments

Uninhabited Islands Home to 65 Chimps After Years of US-Funded Experiments

On six uninhabited islands near Liberia’s capital live 65 chimpanzees that were used for years in US-funded experiments that exploited these intelligent animals.

Over decades of cruel experiments, up to 400 chimps were held in barren cages at a laboratory facility in Liberia. The animals were subject to biopsies and cruelty, reported Euro News.

Over the years, the number of chimps at the lab declined as chimpanzee research was slowly being phased out, older chimps passed away, and two brutal civil wars in Liberia claimed the lives of some chimps as lab staff was unable to reach them in the fighting according to The Humane Society International (HSI). Then, in the early 2000s, the laboratory relocated the remaining chimps to six estuary islands.

In a Euro News video, vet Richard Ssuna with the Humane Society International drives a boat up to the island and starts to throw fruit to the shoreline. The chimps appear and start to catch the food. Ssuna and HSI staff tend to this group of abandoned chimps who were left to starve after the experiments ended.

“They were subjected to a lot of invasive procedures, and the emotional abuse has left its scars,” Ssuna says.

Lead Image Source : Agnes Souchal/For The HSUS.

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