Urgent Call to Halt Cruel Importation of Long-Tailed Macaques for Research

Urgent Call to Halt Cruel Importation of Long-Tailed Macaques for Research

It has come to light that over 1,400 long-tailed macaques were captured from the wild in Indonesia and imported to the United States for use in cruel animal tests.

This distressing practice has prompted vehement calls from animal advocacy groups Lady Freethinker and Action for Primates urging the U.S. government to cease the importation of these primates.

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information request have revealed the shocking statistics: three separate shipments totaling 1,402 individuals were imported in 2023 alone.

These macaques, all captured from the wild, are subjected to various forms of cruelty, including brutal capture methods, forced separation of infants from their mothers, and even beatings and killings of unwanted individuals.

The increase in importation, nearly 40% since 2022, underscores the urgency of addressing this issue. Action for Primates has previously released disturbing footage depicting the barbarity of the capture process, highlighting the suffering endured by these intelligent creatures. Such practices blatantly violate international animal welfare guidelines and evoke widespread condemnation.

Long-tailed macaques, listed under CITES Appendix II, are facing alarming threats to their survival, with their Conservation status recently upgraded to Endangered by the IUCN Red List.

The continued exploitation of these primates for research exacerbates their vulnerable status and disregards their intrinsic right to live free from harm.

Moreover, the United States stands as one of the world’s largest importers and users of non-human primates.

Long-tailed macaques, primarily employed in regulatory toxicity tests, endure significant suffering and death in the pursuit of pharmaceutical and chemical testing. This grim reality underscores the imperative for immediate action.

Nina Jackel, Founder of Lady Freethinker, has emphasized the urgent need for intervention: “The spike in macaques being shipped from Indonesia to the U.S. for research and testing purposes is shocking and alarming.

The evidence clearly shows that these animals are suffering immensely, and it’s time for the government to take meaningful action to stop the cruelty.”

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This article by Trinity Sparke was first published by One Green Planet on 11 April 2024. Image Credit :Hit1912/Shutterstock.

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