Oct 082017

Aigle botté Aguila calzada,
Hieraaetus pennatus,
Spain, 2017/08/24,

Nikon: D500 + 800 mm f5/6E,


This migratory eagle nests in southern Europe and winters in Africa and Asia.
With a friend we arrived at the spot very early and he had assured me that the weather report said bright and sunny after a small cloud passage with a few drops; so we began to set up our equipment under ours tents when suddenly the rain came pouring down! Completely taken by surprise – I hate wet outings with my stuff! – I hear my friend burst into laughter as he watched me literally lying on my 800 mm lens desperate to protect it! Miffed but laughing, I collected what was at risk and we ran to the cars with very muddy boots… Eventually, the sky cleared up and we decided to stay and try our luck. Nothing happened for quite some time and suddenly I see this eagle fly in… the calzada, as they call it in Spain.
It is airborne most of the time so when I saw this one fly in, I was in elated!
They feed on lizards, small birds, small mammals, reptiles and insects.


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Noushka Wildlife


Passionate about Wildlife, Photography and Wildlife issues.
I live in the south of France at the present, but have lived in Africa for 16 years, in the U.S. for 3 years.
With my husband, I created and managed a BIRD PARK in South Africa, raising mainly psittacines; the breeding facility housed over 1000 parrots at any given time. I speak French and English alike and manage decently in Spanish.
My photography is about sharing fauna’s beauty with other enthusiasts!

Equipment: ALL NIKON
Cameras: D500, D750
Tele lenses: 300 mm, 500 mm, 800 mm f5/6E,
Zoom lenses: 16/80 mm, 80/400 mm, 200/500 mm
and: Macro 150 Sigma.

* * * My work can be seen HERE:



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