Apr 212017
POLL: Should Norway stop the annual slaughter of whales?

In just a few days, Norway will start up a horrific annual tradition — the ruthless slaughter of hundreds of whales. But we’ve got a strategy to say ‘NO WAY!’ Whales are awe-inspiring, beautiful beings. We now know they communicate with each other in song, and experience human-like emotions. But in Norway, every year these […]

Oct 252013
POLL: Should the slaughter of wolves in British Columbia be banned?

Wolves are being killed to protect both the Woodlands Caribou and the Mountain Caribou when in both instances they are not to be blamed. The reason for the declining numbers of wolves is the environmental disturbances caused by: Mountain Caribou. Logging, Loss of habitat, roads that make access easy for predators and human entertainment of […]

Aug 252013
Stop the Slaughter of Fin Whales for Pet Treats

The story about endangered whales being slaughtered by Icelanders in the North Atlantic and shipped to Japan to be turned into dog food was first published on 29 May 2013 . Within one week more than 1 million wildlife supporters signed the petition, and Dutch ports were closed to the transfer of whale meat. The […]