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Frikkie du Toit runs a camp in South Africa, which today is still surrounded by African wildlife. Frikkie is a hunter and guide who was born and raised in Africa. He has been hunting wildlife in Africa for 20 years and has guided clients on hunts for all of the Big 5, the Dangerous 7 and all wildlife species of the plains.

Participants in such hunts include Doug Hamric, Pat and Nicole Reeve, Jim Hall, Jim Barnworth. The Spanish King Juan Carlos was criticized for hunting elephants and other wildlife species in Botswana in 2012 for which he later apologized. (see photos below).

Knowing that as few as 32,000 lions are left in the wild and 600 lions are killed every year on trophy hunts, The United States government is considering whether to add lions to the list of species protected by the Endangered Species Act. Which type of recreation do you think generates more revenue for the economy of South Africa?

Wildlife hunting or Wildlife Photography?

Can these two activities exist in parallel, and is wildlife hunting really sustainable? Please let us know your opinion and leave your comments below.













Spanish King Juan Carlos (right), pictured during a previous elephant hunting trip in Africa, has come in for criticism

Juan Carlos (left, on a previous trip) has been slammed for his upper-class pursuit as his country goes through the economic doldrums

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