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Frikkie du Toit runs a camp in South Africa, which today is still surrounded by African wildlife. Frikkie is a hunter and guide who was born and raised in Africa. He has been hunting wildlife in Africa for 20 years and has guided clients on hunts for all of the Big 5, the Dangerous 7 and all wildlife species of the plains.

Participants in such hunts include Doug Hamric, Pat and Nicole Reeve, Jim Hall, Jim Barnworth. The Spanish King Juan Carlos was criticized for hunting elephants and other wildlife species in Botswana in 2012 for which he later apologized. (see photos below).

Knowing that as few as 32,000 lions are left in the wild and 600 lions are killed every year on trophy hunts, The United States government is considering whether to add lions to the list of species protected by the Endangered Species Act. Which type of recreation do you think generates more revenue for the economy of South Africa?

Wildlife hunting or Wildlife Photography?

Can these two activities exist in parallel, and is wildlife hunting really sustainable? Please let us know your opinion and leave your comments below.













Spanish King Juan Carlos (right), pictured during a previous elephant hunting trip in Africa, has come in for criticism

Juan Carlos (left, on a previous trip) has been slammed for his upper-class pursuit as his country goes through the economic doldrums

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  105 Responses to “Trophy Hunting in Africa – Wildlife Slaughter in Graphic Images”


  2. Kill yourself if you think killing animals is "very nice".

  3. These sadistic psychopahts are too dumb to see how mentally sick they are and what revolting stinking maggots they have become from their mental sickness!

  4. The worst animal on this planet, is the human, they will hunt for fun and not for food, where as animals hunt just for food, this is an outragious so called excuse for a sport and should be banned full stop, it is causing alot of publicity and its not good for the countries involved with promoting it !!

  5. The filthiest of the human race, all displayed in one place.

  6. It takes more skill and courage to take a good photograph of a wild animal – if these morons could only understand this fact. What are they trying to prove about themselves?? Professional hunters use the excuse that the proceeds of the very expensive licence fees help protect wild life more likely this money ends up in corrupt bank accounts- highly selfish attitude.


  8. These people are the scum of the earth and do not deserve to be alive. They are no different from serial killers and I hate them intensley

  9. I am glad to see you know the truth about the ecological situation in Africa, that trophy hunting is the only hope for wildlife to survive in Africa. Ironically, American hunters, because they do not know what you are talking, are also among the ignorant morons who wrongfully condemn the necessary trophy for needed for conservation in Africa!

  10. Really sad and unnecessary people should find better things to do with their money. Give to the starving kids in the world and do something nice for a change in your sad lives……

  11. I hate you all murderers, I would like to drop you all there without no protection or guns. Kill for fun should have death penalty

  12. Humans on all pictors are so ugly,dirty,evils .Are they mutants ?GMOs ? or what is wrong with these humans ? How they can be so ugly ?

  13. Disgusting and sad

  14. VERY SAD AND DISGUSTING> karma will get them.

  15. μπραβο σας ρε συγχαρητηρια.μου αρεσει που η εκφραση του προσωπου σας ειναι χαρουνενη και ικανοποιημενη με τα επιτευματα σας.ευχομαι τον ιδιο θανατο να βρουν τα ατομα που αγαπατε και σε σας οτι χειροτεροτον πιο βασανιστικο θανατο

  16. I just want to cry. I don't know how all of these people can pose for these pictures, smiling, knowing they killed these beautiful animals in cold-blooded murder. 🙁

  17. Awsome! I'm going down next year

  18. Looking at all this again, it is interesting to see how 'unmarked' the lions' faces are, not scarred like truly wild lions. I have to assume these were canned lions, trained to sit and pose in the right position for the best shot. Pathetic doesn't even begin to describe the people pulling the triggers, and unquenchable greed the people who make all the arrangements to let is happen.

  19. Was it so amazing in Kenya Adrian? It's my dream to go there..eventually to live there…want to do conservation work I hope..

  20. Absolutely agree.

  21. Wow!! When u ignorant people go over there to shoot animals for "sport" u r not just killing that animal. If u kill a male lion in his prime he is probably leader of a pride. With him gone nomad males will come and kill every cub that is his to put the females back in estrus so he can mate with them. Who are we to decide to take lives? I think it's absolutely disgusting that people go to Africa on vacation and then murder animals…especially endangered animals. Why not go to see what life was like before humans screwed everything up and go on a safari and take pics of live animals. All of u so proudly smiling into the camera should be so ashamed of ur self. It's one thing to kill an animal for food it's quite another to kill for fun. But then if a wild animal attacks a human it's all over the news and how terrible it is but u don't see these pics on the news do u? We humans have decimated so many animal populations and alot of people just don't care…it's just sickening

  22. Just wondering what the reactions of the general population would be to seeing the corpse of their favourite racehorse, or even shattered remains of public statues or shredded works of art. What would their views be of the grinning perpetrators sitting next to the remains? Maybe there are valid conservation reasons for some of the hunting, but I still find these photos grotesque.

  23. agreed… no guns and we will see who is hunter and prey

  24. Put your whimpy weapons down and fight like men, then we'll see whose standing over who

  25. Manu sharma.will get your ass.dont kill wildlife

  26. I'd love to hunt these sick bastards and strike a pose for a photo right after. Cant believe they can smile after killing an animal for fun…

  27. Scandalous!

  28. Take their guns away and they won't look so brave! I know more than a few like them…

  29. Well said Meastro… As I always say "real men do it with cameras"!

  30. Inadequates, the lot of them. There is never any excuse for killing a predator, except in self defence and I doubt any of these people got near enough to their prey to be in any danger. They should try it unarmed with just a camera in hand – now that is fun, and the animal gets to hang around to be seen by other people and create the next generation.

  31. I just don't get it all ! Why would you want to do this?! Why? Do they show their friends and family these photos? They could do so much good with their money but they just want to destroy so sad 🙁

  32. These aren’t human there monsters who in there right mind would want to kill any of them beautiful animals

  33. What pleasure do you take in killing these animals? Wild animals are not on this planet for our bloodlust and whimsy. They should never be hunted for trophies. Given this arrogant, narcissist view of this hunters its no surprise the global environment is deteriorating rapidly.

  34. Wish to have some White men heads hunged on my living room's wall ….. tell me when i can came to hunt some fat tourists

  35. How to act on stopping this??

  36. What the fuck….how abt having a shooting competition and these people are being shot…..I cant believe this…!!

  37. I see A LOT about the hunting…but nothing showing that the meat is going to locals!!! WHY?

  38. Hey, I have a theory, if you the "pro" hunters and the dickhead poachers wouldn't exist, these animals would have no problem.
    You tout "industry", privatization and whatnot, all for satisfying your perverted need to kill.

    The only reason SOME hunters care about animal's fate is for them to still have something to kill, not for the animals themselves.

    Stop advertising this care as responsibility. You're a bunch of savages, just admit it and move on.

  39. You can almost smell their redneckness (word just invented).

  40. bunch of sicko's no respect for wildlife. We need to learn to share this planet with the wildlife around us. We are the worse species on earth! We kill everything including each other. If we can not stop this type of sport we are in big trouble.

  41. Chris Hallamore, it is the trophy hunters who are killing the strongest and best for their trophies. How can you claim it is because of these idiots that we still have the few endangered large animal species left? It is exactly because of trophy hunting that entire species of large animals are in decline. What kind of moron kills a magnificent wild animal simply to hang its head or horns on a wall? There is absolutely no justification for the mindless murder of these animals and you should be ashamed of yourself for having the gall to defend such barbaric behaviour, but of course you would because you are part of it. I don’t think anyone is fooled by wildlife organisations that condone such ‘management’ of wildlife. The best manager is nature and our species is the only one that behaves like a cancer on the earth. I’m tired of listening to the excuses of people like you who make money by encouraging rich idiots to play out their fantasies at the expense of endangered wild animals. They go home with their trophies, eat their steak and while the once beautiful animal is nothing more than remnants hanging on a wall – SICK.

  42. the all should be hunted scum

  43. Kristen McMahon I don't believe it one bit!!!! If that's the case, then why do they kill elephants and rhinos? To keep them from overpopulating? Last time I check they were endangered…not just endangered but critically.

  44. If you aren’t going to eat something … don’t kill it. And if you are going to kill it you shouldn’t be allowed to use a weapon that gives you such an advantage.This is purely and simply about the sadistic pleasure these ‘people’ get from killing such powerful animals….. a competion that in reality if it was fair would see them dead. Mindless killing… nothing to do with population control or anything similar….it’s a disgrace.

  45. Chris Hallamore The reason why there are no lions is because they are being hunted to extinction. In 50 years the population has decimated from 350.000 to 20.000, do the math before you make stupid statements like this. Nature can handle itself just fine and did so long before humans were here. It's only thanks to humans the balance is gone, leave them alone! This planet does not belongs to us, these animals share it with us, deal with it or leave! Trophy hunting is WRONG, no matter what excuse you use!

  46. I have heard of this kind of culling in Sweden for elks actually. But have definitely not heard of it for any of the above animals. And absolutely not heard of it being advertised as 'trophy hunting'.

  47. Majestic animal slaughtered by men with no dicks…that ain't nothing to be proud of dickheads.

  48. Mostly agree with Kristen's comment. But selling the right to hunt these animals, even if it generates much needed money for conservation efforts, only feeds the demand for trophy hunting. Culls are necessary sometimes, but best handled by trained staff and not sold off to the highest bidder. Now, that does nothing to ease the funding crunch, but that's a bigger issue.

  49. I am very much on the side of wildlife, but when i was studying zoology at Uni we had a zoologist come and talk to us about his work in Africa. While he was talking about it he also talked about what I assume is going on above. He said at times they need to cull Lions because they get overpopulated in certain areas and the gene pool diversity can become reduced with inbreeding problems. Although this seems cruel, when they already need to reduce the lion population they can charge people such as these guys a LOT of money (I think he said $20,000 per lion and that was in 2000) and then that money is put back into research and rehab for national parks etc. I am not sure I 100% agree with it, but it's a little different picture than just rednecks going out and shooting lions. Personally I have no idea how or why they would want to kill beautiful animals, but if there is some benefit from it and the animals would be killed anyway maybe it's a slightly different picture than is being presented here? It's possible that I am mistaken though and that's not what is happening, just thought I would share my experience.

  50. Seeing these picture really nauseated me. I was hoping they were fake. I thought hunting was banned….obviously wrong. Especially given that Frikkie du Toit proudly advertises these hunting safaris and all these grinning assholes boast about their proud kills. Disgusting.

  51. What can we do to stop this? I'm mad as hell however, that's not going o stop this. What can we do ? This is horrible. Those "humans" are the most dangerous animals .

  52. What bastards!:( Heartless monsters is an understatement of what they are:'((

  53. Sick twisted barbaric bastards!!! They should all be ashamed of them selfs!! There not even poor excuses for humans because there just heartless monsters!!!!! I like to feed you kicking and screaming to the family's of lions you shot!!! C**TS!!!!

  54. To see these lowlifes smiling in these pics just makes my blood boil. I so wish the tables were turned. At least these pos would deserve it.

  55. I am surprised to hear this from someone living not too far from Kruger National Park. Are you not aware that since the commercialization of wildlife be it hunting or game viewing many small unproductive farms have joined together to form viable wild life units in South Africa.
    This is not possible without a mix of hunting and game viewing. Or do you want all these farms to revert to growing avocadoes.
    Don’t judge all trophy hunting by one set of photos. If I were to take you hunting zebra on foot and without a guide., the chance of you shooting a zebra is highly unlikely.
    Yes shooting it from the vehicle is easy, but from a game management point of view hunting them on foot causes more disturbance and damage to the population.
    Ok so we don’t hunt these zebra, they are on private land and there are no lions. The population grows along with all the other wildlife what do you do? Do you shoot them and sell them for biltong or wait for them to starve to death.

  56. The land owner owns the wildlife and except for a few species it is completely unregulated. However since these animals are very valuable there is far more self regulation than the government can regulate.. Plus these land owners and staff are all wildlife enthusiasts and ecologists dedicated to wildlife. It is hard for you to realize that millions of hunters across the world are passionate about wildlife. Left to pure non hunting conservationists there would be very little wild life outside sanctuaries. If you do your research you will find that the majority of ecologists in Africa understand this point of view.
    Sadly the demise of wildlife in Africa is not about trophy hunting its simply due to “poor governance”

    When you own the land and the wildlife there is no imposed hunting season. However if you want a successful business and you are passionate about wildlife you regulate the hunting season, furthermore nature dictates the season. It is not practical to be hunting in the rainy season (breeding season) with long grass and wildlife dispersed over a wide area.

    There will always be irresponsible people in every walk of life including hunting. However there are hunters associations that have very strict rules of conduct and are a watchful eye to protect their own industry. 40 years ago when I started professional hunting . I thought this will soon be over. Today there is more hunting and far more game than I ever imagined. A few years back I went to Brazil (Bahia region) where there was zero legal hunting. I travelled for days and never saw one wild animal outside a national Park but tens of thousands of cattle. Change the law and these cows will be gone and you will have your wildlife back
    The rational of hunting Lions on private land is a problem, Basically they need a very large area and can not take any hunting pressure when their range is restricted. However leopards are totally different occurring everywhere including cities and in many cases they are limited by territory (too many leopards). You shoot a big male leopard and three months later it has been replaced by roving leopards looking for territories. This is not the case with lions on private land. Safari areas over 40 years have continually shot very large mature leopards. This is sustainable hunting. Back to Brazil the cattle farmers kill every jaguar where possible. It has no value and it kills calves To hunt a leopard on a safari in Zimbabwe you would pay 14 days at $ 2000 per day plus $ 4000 for the leopard if you collect one,

    There are fair chase lion hunts and canned hunting (FOR IDIOTS). If you were on a fair chase lion hunt, firstly the chance of you actually killing one is very small. Remember we are only hunting mature males and secondly it is very dangerous. And yes you would see many prides of lions but the mature males vanish. In most cases the client pays a huge daily fee ($ 30,000) and goes home empty handed. This is good business; the safari owner keeps the $ 30,000 plus the lion

    The professional hunters around the world don’t have to make a convincing case. Ecologists are the problem. They are frightened to speak out. East Africa is a classic case if you want to be an ecologist or a cameraman and you come across corruption and poaching where the local government officials are concerned and you speak out, you will be going home without your film.
    In many parts of Africa, the corrupt officials don’t want any Safari Hunting, simply they don’t want to be seen poaching and trafficking in wildlife by professional hunters and their very influential clients
    Plus the western world is now in denial of the brutal nature of wildlife to the point they are camouflaging meat products in supermarkets

    Remember, not one wild creature dies in its sleep of old age. They ALL have tragic and horrendous deaths by our standards. Can you imagine when a bull elephant gets old how long it must suffer before it dies or it waits for a pride lions to kill it taking perhaps several days. I think a brain shot by a trophy hunter is probably the kindest death possible after 70 years of roaming the wilderness

  57. I'd be interested in hearing the rationale from the hunters' perspective. It seems crazy that there can be a family posing and smiling behind a dead elephant, since they're being hunted almost to extinction. The king of Spain was criticized for taking part in an elite activity while his country is going bankrupt, but what about the message it sends to the world about humanity's role in the probable eventual extinction of the elephant species? Looking past the horrific images and the senselessness of it all, but is there in fact a case to be made for sustainability and the preservation of these animals, in "sacrificing" some to save many? I can't get into the head of someone who would want to go out and slaughter any animal for fun, just to get a photo and a trophy, and I don't want to go down that path– I just want to know the theory of how this practice of rich, white people paying lots of money to kill these animals is purportedly good for the environment and conservation and the preservation of these species.

  58. karma does have a way of catching up with you….

  59. I hope someone hunts them down and injures them so that they suffer for a long time.

  60. Bunch of cowards, all of them! Despicable, sick, pathetic excuses for human beings.

  61. They need to have one jammed up the spout .

  62. They should be put in the wild and made to compete against these animals using their bare hands and wits alone. Sheer cowardice shooting animals!

  63. I agree with all the above and much, much more! But who are we to preach? we wiped out ours long ago, still are Royal's prefer to do a bit of high profile in Africa than stop shooting the little we still have.

  64. Hard to understand. Botswana has now said no to hunting safaris. That's a good start.

  65. so sad :'(

  66. They are the ones that should be shot Adrian!.

  67. The fact that these bastards are proud of what they've deprived of life is really scary. Having just returned from Kenya with my cameras I know how easy it is to get near a zebra for instance. What possible sport can there be in killing any animals? Beats me!

  68. Just makes me feel sick.I just dont understand why they want to kill thes beautiful animals.Senseless.

  69. Coward, rich spoiled useless coward! They are all sick. When they see a beautiful creature they feel the need to destroy it like a raper that in front of a woman is capable only to hurt her. They kill for lust and to mask their existential impotence. And then they fetishize the dead body of the victim.. dear thropy hunters, I have a news for you: you are not hunters, you are not warrior, you are not adventurous, you are not morbid but fascinating minds… YOU ARE TRAGIC IMITATION OF A HUMAN BEING, YOU ARE NECHROPHILES! You don't have empathy, your minds is mutilated. You are a sad, sad like something that went wrong and harmful. And the women… How can a woman despise so much life?
    Near those magnificent animals, dead and motionless, your ugliness is even more evident. No matter how many lives destroy, how many heads hang in the living room … you will never have the strength and the beauty of these animals from which you try to steal them.

  70. Do not confuse trophy hunting with poaching, they are two totally different things.

  71. Without the need for sport hunting there is no value to the wildlife in Africa. Lions and other animals are now raised for the hunt. The lions are not tame and are in vast areas that require skill to find. You simply are terribly misinformed about how the needs of the natives are helped out with the harvest of the animals also.
    You are going on your feelings and not knowledge. Had it not been for hunter there would be many many species extinct int he last 100 years. Hunters put money a lot of money into wildlife management! Where is your money animal rights people? Its going into a few peoples pockets that make claims to be doing good for animals, well its good for the people but not helping the animals.

  72. Bastards the lot of them!!!!! Give me the gun!!!!

  73. I think the names and address of these people that kill all this wildlife should be published! If their so damned brave let us know who they are and where they live. I think they should be hunted!!! I'm sure than for way less than they paid we could get them hunted down quite cheaply. There might even be a few people that would do it free!!

  74. Hunting is disgusting!

  75. I cannot understand why anyone would want to kill these beautiful creatures. Who are these people that get pleasure in looking at the photo of themselves with their ‘trophy’. Makes me very sad.

  76. Incredible that this is possible and what sick bastards to hurt innocent animals like that. The smirky, proud "look at my trophy" faces….DISGUSTING! How can you live with yourselves…

  77. Oh God, don't get me started. This is simply heartbreaking 🙁

  78. It's not a trophy Wendy it's a slaughtered innocent creature that was unable to protect itself ….. Demented brain dead bullies. I hate this part of life

  79. I cannot understand why anyone would want to kill these beautiful creatures. Who are these people that get pleasure in looking at the photo of themselves with their 'trophy'. Makes me very sad.

  80. I have hunted more than 40 years but only by the principle ” If you’re not going to eat it, then don’t shoot it!” and I mean eat it yourself. Trophy hunting is a dispicable interest enjoyed by people degrading the title of hunter.

  81. As a wildlife photographer I am always saddened to see pictures such as these. What could possibly be the joy of seeing these beautiful creatures – and killing them. To me it makes no sense. I do not support trophy hunting in any way, and to see those which are endangered being killed for so called 'sport' is sickening.

  82. When I see the disgusting photographs above, and the proud, smiling faces of these killers, I am filled with an indescribable emptiness. As a gun owner myself, who maintains a few weapons strictly for self-defense, I cannot comprehend the perverse pleasure these shameless human beings take in destroying such beautiful animals. I do not find any credibility in the argument that the practice is beneficial to mankind and wildlife alike as a “management issue”. Not with the level of poaching that is so pervasive across the African continent. And I’ve never seen an instance of anyone who eats Lion meat. And shooting an Elephant? A big, slow-moving target? Takes about as much skill as picking your nose. Something any three-year-old could do. And then what? Dress it out with a chain saw, and haul the meat away with a dump truck? Probably not. Looks like nothing more than a sick, sick photo-op. I hope they all rot in hell for eternity.

  83. I have hunted more than 40 years but only by the principle ” If you’re not going to eat it, then don’t shoot it!” and I mean eat it yourself. Trophy hunting is a dispicable interest enjoyed by people degrading the title of hunter.

  84. I agree with everything you say Jeff, it's barbaric, totally cruel and unnecessary.

  85. I have hunted more than 40 years but only by the principle ” If you’re not going to eat it, then don’t shoot it!” and I mean eat it yourself. Trophy hunting is a dispicable interest enjoyed by people degrading the title of hunter.

  86. Yes this is old hat from years ago, it needs to be stopped and banned, we are supposed to live in a caring society I think not what with trophy hunting poaching the elephant and rhino what are we going to have left of the big 5 and will they start on the small mammals, they call themselves human they are brutal beasts.

  87. These sick pathetic excuses for human beings should be put in a arena with adult lion with no weapons. I hope and pray that a horrible fate awaits them.

  88. Whether sustainable or not, these activities are a blight on human civilisation. I can't help but feel that the individuals involved are sick, and are the type of people in this world who threaten those of us who would like to live in a peaceful world without wars and exploitation of natural resources and human labour. It dismays me that UK conservation organisations like RSPB affiliate themselves with hunting organisations, even to the extent of readily taking up the gun against their own version of vermin. Some years ago I could hardly believe it when the Director of RSPB wrote a guest article in a popular UK shooting magazine, reassuring its readers that they shared a common objective and that RSPB did not pose a threat to the future of their so-called sport.


  90. Such beautiful animals will soon be gone. Poachers and hunters are to blame.
    Where is the respect for life ?

  91. I have hunted more than 40 years but only by the principle ” If you’re not going to eat it, then don’t shoot it!” and I mean eat it yourself. Trophy hunting is a dispicable interest enjoyed by people degrading the title of hunter.

  92. I say get the hunters, take away their guns and throw them back out there to see how they like the tables being turned. If they still get a thrill from that then I'd call it even.

  93. Trophy hunting is not sporting/fair/even-handed. The zebra doesn't know the rules. His life to date has not informed him that when you point that high-powered rifle (or high-tech bow and arrow) at him he should a) be afraid and b) run for his life. That is why he will innocently expose his flank for you choose his correct organ to blast apart with your missile. "Hunting" implies pursuit, "finding" and animal in the veld is different state-of-affairs. Shooting a waterbuck is NOT hunting; change the name. The "I Love Death Game"? (not sport!). In my younger days I have "hunted" rabbits, kangaroos and warthogs.

  94. I have hunted more than 40 years but only by the principle ” If you’re not going to eat it, then don’t shoot it!” and I mean eat it yourself. Trophy hunting is a dispicable interest enjoyed by people degrading the title of hunter.

  95. I have never hunted or even picked up a gun. I even have a disdain for Wildfowlers in the UK. But to pay to shoot these beautiful wild animals like these photos show, is simply beyond belief. We are brought up watching wildlife programmes like Survival, The World about US and more rceently, The Living Planet which champions protecting our wildlife and yet SCUM like these so called 'Hunters', actually think they are human beings?
    There is no place on this planet for this sick community and they should be named and shamed. Most likely, should there be another world war, these 'cowards' would be the first to throw down their guns and surrender.
    Our planet and its wildlife is going through its toughest time yet through mankind's greed and destruction, so we must take a stand against the companies that promote this disgusting act. Jeff Goodridge

  96. I have hunted more than 40 years but only by the principle " If you're not going to eat it, then don't shoot it!" and I mean eat it yourself. Trophy hunting is a dispicable interest enjoyed by people degrading the title of hunter.

  97. When trophy hunting is conducted responsibly, there is a huge benefit to wildlife conservation. Put differently, when wildlife has a value to the land owner, the game changes!.

    30 years ago In Southern Africa, game had no value and the land was over grazed
    by cattle, sheep and goats. Safari hunting has changed all this. The livestock
    and their fences have gone.

    If all the hunting areas, were only used for game viewing or photographic safaris.
    There simply are not enough tourists with sufficient financial resources to
    partake in luxury Safaris.

    Management of wildlife requires reducing the numbers by hunting. This takes place on all wild life reserves particularly in the case of elephants.

    The problem is that this management of wildlife is not possible in most African
    counties due to poor or non Governance.

    • I’d be interested in seeing some facts to back up those statements. It’s good that there’s less livestock, and I do believe that many people are hypocritical when they criticize hunting as they chow down on a Big Mac. I think it’s important to encourage people all over the world to eat less meat and dairy, for this and other reasons. But that’s a side note. Surely there are activities people can do to earn money other than having people pay to kill these amazing creatures? Some other way for economic development. They don’t have to do this in Costa Rica, and they seem to be doing great. How much money is someone like Frikkie du Twat making, and is he using any of that money on conservation and education? As for the management of wildlife argument, I’d want to see some hard evidence that it’s beneficial. If it’s a healthy ecosystem, it shouldn’t be necessary to “cull the herds”. And while it might perhaps make sense to thin out the wildebeast herds, (I’m not so familiar with this ecosystem), I can’t imagine any reason why killing a lion could be beneficial in that respect. And let’s just say for a second that this type of trophy-hunting tourism somehow helps the economy and conserving the land. What about the message it sends in the context of all the poaching that’s going on? How can you look at a poor person in Africa and tell him not to kill the elephant or the rhino and to not sell the horn/ivory to Vietnam or China, when you’ve just shot an elephant yourself?

      • Firstly it is an undeniable fact that men have an instinct to hunt . This instinct might be suppressed or denied in this modern world. Secondly legitimate trophy hunting is far removed from poaching ivory or rhino horn for china.

        When I was in my early twenties in zimbabwe , each landowner had to purchase a hunting permit to hunt the game on his own property and basically game didn’t have a value whereas, the livestock had considerable value. The game laws were changed where the owner of the land owned the wildlife. Safari hunting arrived and the value of wildlife was soon double or triple the value of cattle. In a short space of time the wildlife population out the National parks increased 10 fold. In many areas all the fences were removed and the cattle sold. This is true of many areas of South Africa and Namibia. Stop the hunting and the beautiful zebra kudu and wildebeest etc will be replaced by cattle, goats and sheep. Unfortunately this no longer the case in Zimbabwe due to zero governance

        The percentage of animals shot by trophy hunters is very small and after the trophy hunting season has passed , there is a requirement to cull large numbers of some species for the required management .

        During the 80,s in zimbabwe before Mugabe lost the plot, there were approximately 40,000 elephant and 6000 were culled each year. Where I was hunting the area we leased was 200 sq miles and our quota of bull elephants was 4 and 20 cow elephant

        Today there some 100,000 elephant out of control due to a lack of management ( http://www.eturbonews.com/37745/zimbabwe-elephants-jumbo-problem) Whether this figure is accurate or or not is debatable but there are far far too many

        In conclusion if you own a piece of privately owned ranch land in Africa , you have to manage the wildlife and this has to be paid for and in most cases photographic safaris do not earn sufficient revenue to make it either profitable or sustainable. If you increase the number of visitors you then create additional eco problems

        The debate will continue but the facts speak for themselves

        • I appreciate hearing your perspective. I would disagree with you about men having an “instinct to hunt.” that is suppressed. That just seems like a convenient rationalization. I’ve never even felt one inkling of a desire to kill an animal, aside from a fly or a mosquito. Even with them, I don’t feel good about it, but I also don’t want them flying around my house. If I were hungry and had nothing else to eat, then yes, I’m sure my instinct to hunt to come into play. But I have plenty to eat, and have no need to eat animals or animal byproducts, so therefore I do not eat them. At any rate, I completely disagree with you on this point and it’s a closed and shut case for me, but that’s not the type of discussion I was looking for anyway.

          Your points about the land, and the fact that landowners also “owning” the wildlife is interesting, and I did not know that. Is there no regulation about hunting season or is it just open season year-round as long as the animals are on your land, up for the land owners to decide? Can the land owners shoot as many of the animals as they want? You talk about responsible trophy hunting, but is there irresponsible trophy hunting going on, and if so, how prevalent is that? Who enforces any regulations, if there are any?

          I can appreciate your arguments about the rationale for hunting certain animals that might not have enough natural predators to control the populations, but when you also shoot and kill capstone species like lions, that seems to negate that argument. If there were enough animals like lions and if it were a healthy ecosystem, wouldn’t it follow that hunting wouldn’t really be necessary at all?

          As for the poaching, I understand that these are separate issues, and one doesn’t have a lot to do with the other. It’s more of an image and messaging problem. If potential poachers see a family smiling and sitting over a dead elephant that they shot, how do you explain to someone that it’s ok to take money from rich Americans and Europeans for the privilege of killing an elephant, but it’s not ok to sell ivory to Chinese people? Or for that matter, how does the family who shot the elephant then go on to explain that it’s ok for them to shoot the elephant because they’re rich, but it’s not ok for the poacher to kill the elephant because he wants to make some money to feed his family?

          I can understand the arguments for the potential ecological benefits of trophy hunting, although I do say it makes me sick to my stomach, and I can’t possibly understand the mentality of someone who gets joy out of killing a lion or some other animal. I can potentially see it as acceptable to responsibly hunt certain game animals like wildebeasts or gazelles, which might be the equivalent of a deer in the U.S. But a lion? For what, just a photo and putting a dead animal’s head on the wall? Would you kill a siamese cat and put it on the wall? What’s the difference?

          I think if the hunters want to make the case for trophy hunting, they need to do a much better job of convincing people like me, in a reasonable manner, and without being antagonistic or condescending, what the benefits are, and they need to recognize and appreciate the concerns that people like myself have. And they need to be consistent in their thinking, and not hypocritical. And by the way, anyone on the opposite end of the spectrum who criticizes you for hunting, yet also goes to the circus or eats meat, equally needs to question their own morals, because they’re just as hypocritical. I do agree that I’d much rather see limited trophy hunting than livestock and all the horrible practices associated with raising animals for food. But I also question whether that is really the only way, or if at least the practice of trophy hunting could be improved so that more of an emphasis is placed on conservation and sound land management. And these people ought to change their attitudes, at least publicly, so they appear a little less arrogant and self-important, and show some more respect for the animals whose lives they took, especially since so many people around the world hold them in such high esteem and it’s horrible hearing about elephant, rhino, and gorilla massacres. Maybe hunters like yourself should speak out more against those types of atrocities, and take a more active role in addressing those problems, rather than just smiling in photos with all these dead animals, ignoring everyone’s concerns. Likewise, for all the people who are disgusted by those photos, you should check yourselves too. What did you have for dinner? Chicken? Beef? Pizza with cheese? Eggs and bacon? If you’re supporting the animal-food industry, then I think the damage you’re doing is far greater than anything caused by hunting in Africa.

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