318 wolves killed in Idaho – Because they eat deer

318 wolves killed in Idaho – Because they eat deer

The poor hunters of Idaho couldn’t find enough deer to kill, so to make life easier for them the Idaho Fish and Game Department (At least, unlike many states, they don’t pretend to be a wildlife department) has killed more than 300 wolves to allow humans to buy licenses to kill the deer instead. Last year humans shot more than 16,000 elk alone, but that wasn’t enough, and, apparently it is because wolves kill so many elk that they don’t leave enough for humans to kill. So the obvious answer, according to Idaho, is to kill the wolves, so then the hunters can kill even more elk. Read full article on WildlifeExtra.com

318 wolves killed in Idaho – Because they eat deer
It’s been over a year since wolves were delisted in the Northern Rockies, yet it seems like decades. Almost immediately, Montana and Idaho were lining up wolf trophy hunts. Wolf advocates have always been told the states would be reasonable managing wolves, that they “loved wolves”. Well if this is love, it’s TOUGH LOVE. 500 wolves died in the Northern Rockies in 2009 and Wildlife Services is still killing them for agribusiness. It’s been a terrible year.

Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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