Another 22 elephants poisoned with cyanide in Zimbabwe reserve

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Zimbabwean rangers have found the bodies of 22 more elephants that were poisoned with cyanide in the country’s . The grim discovery brings to 62 the number of elephants poisoned by in this southern Africa country in October.

Rangers found the carcasses of the elephants in Hwange park’s Sinamatella area on Monday morning, spokeswoman for the National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority said on Monday.

“Again, it is cyanide . We suspect poachers are responsible,” Caroline Washaya-Moyo told the Associated Press. She said she does not yet know how many ivory tusks were taken from the killed elephants.

Elephants in Hwange national park, in western Zimbabwe, on 5 August 2015. Photograph: Xinhua Press/Corbis

In early October, the parks reported three incidents in which 40 elephants were killed by cyanide poisoning. Three were killed in the Kariba area, of cyanide put in oranges. The rest were killed in Hwange park.

In 2013, more than 200 elephants died from cyanide poisoning in Hwange. Washaya-Moyo said the parks agency is hoping that trained dogs from South Africa and the deployment of drones will help tighten monitoring of the vast park in the west of this wildlife-rich country.

On Monday, the national parks also announced that over the weekend authorities at Harare international airport seized 173 kilograms (380lb) of ivory worth $43,250 that was about to be smuggled to Singapore. Three Zimbabweans and a Malian national were arrested over the smuggling attempt, the parks agency said in a statement.

This article was first published by The Guardian on 26 Oct 2015.


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Mark McCandlish

Here's an idea: Make possession of a large quantity of cyanide a capitol crime. You get caught with it on your person or in your possession (there's only one reason why you would have it) and you get shot- on the spot. Next go after the suppliers of cyanide. Put them away for life. No exceptions. This substance not only kills the Elephants, (which is pure wanton cruelty) but anything that subsequently feeds on their carcuses after they die. So the crime extends beyond just the smuggling of Ivory. Edward O. Wilson, the Pultitzer Prize-winning author of "Diversity of Life",… Read more »

Dawn Mello

They need to start executing these scumbags, maybe then these murderers will stop. How long will they keep looking the other way? Till there is not one beautiful animal left? People, thugs like this, should not exist.

Ruth Jacob

This is an inexpressible atrocity.

Ruth Jacob

This is an inexpressible atrocity.

Peter Deelen

This cannot continue there remain a few years no more about Elephants!!!!!!

Marilyn-Brian Ashman

Find the Bastards, and Shoot to Kill on the spot !!!!!

Georgia Ashby

I feel ill just thinking of it. Can’t these monsters be stopped!

Michele Jankelow

Absolutely tragic!

Salvatore J. Cento

save them now

Karen Lyons Kalmenson

i would ask what is wrong with people,, but the better question is what isn't 🙁

Yvonne Olausson

Detta är fruktansvärt