Alan maintains a full time job in the software industry to fund his obsession for nature and wildlife photography. While he loves photographing all wildlife, mammals and herps are his favorites. If he could split his time between Yellowstone and Latin America, he would be a happy man.

Feb 102013
Sacramento NWR Complex

Over the past few weekends we have taken day trips to some refuges around the Sacramento area. We are lucky to have many great refuges that come alive every winter. While officially not part of the Sac NWR Complex, Cosumnes River Preserve in Galt is worth a stop. Close to 1000 Sand hill Cranes winter […]

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Oct 222012
Giant Otters

The highlight of our trip to Ecuador this year was seeing a family of Giant Otters. We were fortunate enough to see them on 3 separate occasions and at one point floated in our canoe about 10 yards from them as they played and fed (all behind foliage however). I did manage to capture some […]

Sep 012012
The Beauty of Snakes

I realize that a lot of people will see the word “snakes” and bypass this post. But, I encourage folks to continue on in case you see something that may help you appreciate snakes just a little bit. Besides the obvious facts about how important snakes are to the ecosystem, I think they can be […]

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Aug 262012
Parrot Clay Licks - Ecuador

Many of the seeds and nuts found in the rainforest have toxins in them and animals come to clay licks to neutralize those toxins. This is a daily ritual for many birds in the Amazon. Ecuador has two of the most accessible clay licks in the Amazon and both can be visited on the same […]

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Aug 162012
Howler Monkeys

It was 4:00 AM and pitch dark outside when the low guttural scream started. I jerked awake thinking it must have been a dream. But, then the noise happened again only louder this time. It echoed through the trees and into my ears. It was like no sound I had heard before. There it was […]

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