Dolphin megapod seen for the first time – in pictures

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A gathering of 3000-5000 spinner dolphins, known as a megapod, is filmed underwater for the first time for a BBC series, Dolphins – Spy in the Pod. Two robotic ‘spy creatures’ with cameras in their mouths and eyes view the dolphins gathering to socialise in the nutrient-rich waters off the Pacific coast of – Dolphins – Spy in the Pod, BBC One, from Thursday 2nd January, 8pm and Thursday 9th January, 8pm

Spinner dolphins are often found cruising at a gentle speed of 5mph but occasionally, as seen here, they stampede off and can reach speeds of up to 25mph Photograph: John Downer Productions
Spy captures the moment a dolphin corkscrews from the water. Spinner dolphins often have remoras (suckerfishes) attached to them. One theory behind their unique behaviour is that the remoras are a nuisance and the spinning helps to dislodge them Photograph: John Downer Productions
Spy Dolphin gets close to a dolphin spinning at the surface Photograph: John Downer Productions
Spy Dolphin captures a glimpse of the megapod beneath the surface Photograph: John Downer Productions
Spy Tuna gets into the centre of the megapod underwater Photograph: John Downer Productions
Spy Tuna views a superpod of over 1000 dolphins Photograph: John Downer Productions
Spinner dolphins continue to spin as the sun sets off the coast of Costa Rica Photograph: John Downer Productions
A rare glimpse of a megapod of spinner dolphins – where two superpods meet to socialise and mate Photograph: John Downer Productions

This article was written and published by the Guardian.

Vanished - Megascops Choliba by Jose Garcia Allievi

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