Los Angeles is on Track to Become the Largest City Yet to Ban Fur

Los Angeles is on Track to Become the Largest City Yet to Ban Fur

Animal advocates are celebrating some major progress for animals in Los Angeles, which is about to become the biggest city yet to act to ban fur.

This week, the City Council voted unanimously to direct the city attorney to draft an ordinance that would ban both the manufacturing and sale of fur products, which would close the city’s doors to fur coats, along with accessories adorned with fur.

“It is time to move past the arcane practice of killing animals for goods,” said council member Bob Blumenfield, who introduced the measure. “Los Angeles must be a leader in this effort, stop the unnecessary killing of animals and finally eliminate this vile market.”

Los Angeles is on Track to Become the Largest City Yet to Ban Fur
Photo credit: Friends of Oregon Zoo Elephants/IDA

Despite what the fur industry’s apologists claim, it remains as brutal as ever, and millions of fur bearing animals continue to pay the price because of the demand for theirfur.

While fur has long been seen as luxurious, animal advocates have continued to fight this industry and raise awareness about the true horrors behind fur products that are made from animals on fur farms, or those trapped in the wild.

As council members pointed out in a statement earlier this summer, the “fur industry is one that has consistently been associated with inhumane practices,” involving millions of animals every year from foxes, mink, raccoons and chinchillas to rabbits, among others.

Multiple investigations around the world have continued to expose the horrors of fur farms, where furbearing animals spend their short lives in factory-farm conditions before they’re killed for their fur, while others have brought to light the suffering of wild animals killed by trappers.

Sadly, in the U.S. animals on fur farms, who are routinely killed by gassing, electrocution, suffocation and neck breaking, are left without protection from the Animal Welfare Act and the Humane Slaughter Act and are exempt from most state anti-cruelty laws.

Although there’s still more to be done to shut this industry down, there have been many reasons to be optimistic as countries continue to close their doors to fur farms and their products, while a growing list of major designers move to ditch fur.

A victory in Los Angeles, which would join West Hollywood, Berkeley and San Francisco, would send a huge message that there’s nothing fashionable about fur.

“Los Angeles’ historic move to ban fur sales today is likely to herald the end of the barbaric fur industry for good,” said In Defense of Animals President, Marilyn Kroplick M.D. “This major city sets global fashion and culture trends, and has sent a message to the world that animals should not to be abused for clothing. We are delighted by this significant victory for animals, the public, and activists and organizations around the world who have exposed the cruel fur industry.”

To find stores that have pledged not to sell fur, check out Fur Free Retailer.

This article was first published by Care2.com on 20 Sep 2018.


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