Nov 152017
POLL: Should legislation be enacted to make Britain "Fur Free"?

Animal advocates have continued to work towards a world where fur isn’t fashionable, but even with a growing list of victories that include designers ditching fur and bans on fur farming, faux products are still causing big problems for animals. The Humane Society International UK (HSI UK) and Lush Cosmetics have joined forces to launch […]

Apr 222017
POLL: Should there be a worldwide ban on fur farming?

When I campaigned for animal rights as a teenager in the 1980s, anti-fur campaigners produced an iconic poster. Alongside an image of a smartly dressed woman holding a bloody fur coat was a cracker of a slogan: “It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat. But only one to wear it.” […]

Apr 122017
Python hunters to tackle Florida's unwelcome intruder

Bill Booth struggles to recall the last time he saw a raccoon, a fox or a rabbit on one of his frequent hunting excursions deep into the swamps of the Florida Everglades. An outdoorsman all his life, he knows as well as anyone how the native wildlife once abundant across the vast wilderness has been […]

Mar 272017
Equinox Eve

Tonight is the last night of winter! Doubtless these two raccoons I saw sitting in a tree last week looking down on snow-covered Central Park in New York City, will welcome the warmer season. Here’s my favorite welcome spring poem “When the Hounds of Spring” by Algernon Charles Swinburne: For winter’s rains and ruins are […]

A Walk in Central Park

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Jul 052015
A Walk in Central Park

Last week I led a nature walk in Central Park for the American Museum of Natural History’s Membership Department. Even though I got rained on twice, there was a lot to see. Here are some of the wild creatures that were in the park on Wednesday. Turtles were basking in The Lake. Red-eared sliders are […]

Dec 092014
Wildlife-killing Contests Targeting Nongame Animals Banned by California Fish and Game Commission

VAN NUYS, Calif.— In response to overwhelming public support for banning wildlife-killing contests, the California Fish and Game Commission voted Wednesday to adopt regulations prohibiting hunting “derbies” targeting species such as coyotes, raccoons and badgers. The ban came after thousands of Californians expressed opposition to the killing competitions. “We’re grateful that the commissioners responded to […]

Apr 082014
How a River Otter Can Bag an Alligator for Lunch

We’ve barely recovered from the snake-eats-croc photos, and now this: Photos reveal a river otter in Florida attacking a young alligator, which it then ripped into for lunch. The photos, shot in 2011 in Florida’s Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge by a visitor named Geoff Walsh, were posted this week on the refuge’s Facebook page. […]

Jul 252013
Madrid declares war on plague of raccoon and parrot invaders

Madrid has declared war on invaders that threaten the peace of mind of the Spanish capital’s human residents and the survival of native species of birds and animals. The city is to begin a cull of the American raccoons and Argentinian green parrots whose populations are reaching plague proportions. Both creatures were introduced to Europe […]

Dec 232012
Viera Wetlands, 12/8/2012

This morning I decided to drive down to Viera Wetlands. When I arrived it was very foggy. I was somewhat disappointed, since I couldn’t photograph anything any distance away without losing detail. So of course, this is is when the Peregrine Falcon decided to appear. I found it perched on one of the dead trees. […]

Dec 172012
Lake Apopka, 12/14/2012

So I braved the 4 mile Lake Apopka Loop Trail again. It’s a challenge, not just because it’s an 8 mile walk round drip, but also because the trail is hard, compact gravel much of the way, so I’m always sore when I get back. This morning it was cold (by Florida standards) and windy, […]