Petition: Help Dolphins from Being Trapped and Killed in the Amazon

Petition: Help Dolphins from Being Trapped and Killed in the Amazon

Amazon and Tuxuci river dolphins are both endangered species that are on the brink of extinction. Now, over 140 of them have tragically died after being trapped in the shallow, unusually warm waters of Lake Tefé in the Amazon Rainforest.

Hundreds more have survived, but are still perilously trapped, unable to escape to cooler water. Luckily, wildlife experts are on their way to try to save as many dolphins as they can.

We cannot allow a tragedy like this to ever happen again!

Sign now to tell the Brazilian government to invest in research to prevent dolphins from needlessly dying this way again in the future!

Scientists have warned for decades that climate change would threaten many of our most beloved species. Now, we are watching those impacts unfold in real time.

Unprecedented warm temperatures have caused a historic drought in the Amazon rainforest, which in turn has made local lakes unusually shallow, causing water temperatures in them to skyrocket.

Imagine the air you breathe getting hotter and more confined with nowhere to escape. That’s exactly what these dolphins are suffering through right now.

The Brazilian government must commit to researching this tragedy to protect other dolphins from the same fate!

Sign the petition now if you agree!

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What you can do

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This article by Mathew Davis was first published by One Green Planet on 9 November 2023. Image Credit :COULANGES/Shutterstock.

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