Petition: Shocking New Footage of Animals Suffering on a Polish Fur Farm

Petition: Shocking New Footage of Animals Suffering on a Polish Fur Farm

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Animal nonprofit Respect for Animals shared horrible suffering happening right now at a Polish fur farm.

The photos and videos are abominable and show the suffering prevalent in the fur industry.

Mark Glover at Respect for Animals shared the following in an emailed statement.

“This is a shocking investigation. The suffering of these animals can scarcely be imagined. I personally know what impact seeing these atrocities first hand and close up can have. As the undercover activist says in the video, some of the things he has seen will live with him forever. I still live with some of what I saw in UK fur farms more than 20 years ago and it is not easy, but is certainly one of the things that has driven me on to work to end this disgusting industry.”

The farm in Goreczki, Poland is thought to be one of the largest in the world, with 500,000 animals kept in tiny cages.

An undercover employee documented horrible conditions, including open wounds on animals, untreated illnesses among animals, and cannibalism.

Yevhen, the activist, filmed footage and captured the harrowing images on the camera.

Sign this petition to ban in the European Union!

This article was first published by OneGreenPlanet on 13 September 2020. Lead Image Source : shauttra/

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