Photo Tip #1

Photo Tip #1

PHOTO TIP from Always An Adventure:

This is our first post, and it’s about back-lit situations.

Photo Tip #1
Back-lit Chipmunk photographed at Petrie Island, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Photographing back-lit subjects are never easy, and there are a few tricks to consider in situations like this.

1) you can use a fill flash/pop-up flash

2) you can get light from other sources, for example a white sheet reflecting light on the subject

3) you can over expose to compensate for the bright background,or

4) you can brighten the subject in your dark-room. But, for point 4 to work, you must have a good exposure to begin with.

Many do not think about using their pop-up flash in sunny situations. We recommend you try it, and you will see how much nicer the light evens out.

Comment by Nikon Canada Ambassador Tony Beck:

When faced with a back-lit situation, I typically open up one or two stops from the correct exposure for sunlight.

If you’re uncomfortable with manual exposure settings, check your camera’s automatic features to see if you have a setting for back lighting.


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Nina Stavlund

Nina Stavlund

Nina is Norwegian, an extensive world traveller, and is now living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She's also a passionate birder and nature lover. She's a professional photographer, graduated from "Bilder Nordic School of Photography" in Oslo, Norway. Her award-winning work appears in many catalogues, magazines, postcards, websites, calendars and more. Nina, & her husband Tony Beck, offer local excursions, international tours and photographic services through their company "Always An Adventure Inc". Nina also conducts photography and photo editing courses.

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Nina Stavlund

Nina Stavlund

Professional Photographer accepting new assignments! After working as an Executive/Personal Assistant for 15 years, mainly in the oil and gas business in Norway, I needed a change in my life. Since photography had been a passion since I was a child, I wanted to do something creative and meaningful in this field. This inspired me to visit Greece for 3 wonderful years. After returning to Norway, I decided it was time to become a professional photographer/artist. In 2010, I graduated from “Bilder Nordic School of Photography” in Oslo. At the same time, I was working full time with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) International Arctic Program. In addition to nature & wildlife photography, I also do lifestyle, weddings/anniversaries, portrait and creative photography and I teach photography and photo editing.

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